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The chick who runs this shindigHi there — my name is Nathalie Thompson and I’m the chick who runs this site. This is the page where I blather on about myself, because apparently some people are interested in that sort of thing. If you’re looking for more info about what I actually do here, please check out the welcome page for all the details (and some yummy goodies that you can download to get yourself started!)

So. Who am I? I’m a Dream Catcher. I help people figure out what they want in life, and then I show them how to get it. I will motivate and inspire to become all that you’re meant to be, and I will give you the tools and practical strategies to actually make it happen. Feeling fab about your dream is critically important, but it’s not enough; if you want to start living that vision that currently exists only in your mind YOU have to actually do something to build it. I make sure you know what you need to do and how to do it in order to get yourself there.

I’ve been called a lot of things since I launched this site — I’ve received emails from people telling me I’m an angel, a saint, or even some sort of guru because of what I do here, but I’m not any of those things. There’s nothing magical or mystical about me; I’m just me. Just another human being doing her best to figure it all out. And trying to help other people as much as I can with what I’ve learned along the way.

But I’m not going to lie to you — I’ve been through some pretty crappy stuff in my life. And when you survive enough stuff, it makes you start to think the “deep” thoughts about Life, the Universe and Everything. And that either makes you interesting or it drives you crazy. I like to think I’ve become interesting rather than crazy, although some might argue that point. 😉

In any case, this web site originally started with one of those deep thoughts: what did I want out of life? And it came down to the basics. I wanted to be happy; really, truly, deep-down to my core, fundamentally, honestly and simply… happy. I wanted to experience more joy. I wanted to laugh more. I wanted to do creative things that fed my soul and increased not only my own happiness, but that of the people around me, too. I wanted to make a difference in this world. And I wanted to find a way to help people who also wanted these things.

I was so tired of trying to live up to other people’s expectations of me, and feeling so lost. When my father was diagnosed with cancer, it became a catalyst in my life to find my own direction and start making the dreams I’d always had for myself come true. It galvanized me to start doing the things I needed to in order to start living my life on my own terms.

So I started a blog in February of 2013 to share my thoughts and any resources I found to be particularly helpful in this endeavour. And then over the first year the blog grew, expanding out into a weekly podcast and a presence on most of the major social media sites; a first book that was released on Amazon in 2014; and a second book that will be published later in Spring/Summer 2015.

I also started coaching. I took twenty years of work experience across widely different fields (web design, corporate training, communications, and project management — to name just a few), an educational background in cognitive science and teaching, and a lifelong interest in philosophy and personal development and combined it all to develop something truly unique. I created a method for motivating and inspiring people to follow their dreams, meshed with easy-to-understand, practical, action-based strategies for actually making it happen.

I don’t know for sure yet how, exactly, this journey is going to continue to unfold, but I’m enjoying every step of the process of making my dreams a reality while helping others to achieve their own.

So here’s to the journey and the dreams… because that’s really what it’s all about.

Light and love,


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