The only thing standing between you and your biggest dreams is your own mind. That’s about to change.

fearLESS is a terrific roadmap to following your heart and following your dreams. Everyone should read this book.”

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Praise for FearLESS

The title says it all! But how the hell can you practice that when you’re still in the fear? I picked up this book when I was having a truly rough week and it was exactly what I needed to connect back in to the powerful me I’d forgotten about. Thanks, Nathalie, for writing a book that takes a short cut right into the heart of the matter…and uplifts instantly! fearLESS rocks!

Jeanna Gabellini

Author, "10 Minute Money-Makers",

“This is a powerful, life-shifting read for all those who dream about a different life, but can’t seem to make it happen. This book is not about wishing on a star for a dream to materialize, it’s about blasting through the mental barriers that keep you from success – and Thompson offers you an inspiring, easy-to-follow blueprint on how to do it. She truly understands the challenges and needs of her readers and offers both insightful wisdom and practical examples to guide you through the entire way. fearLESS is a must read; it’s a real and relatable guide that will empower you to overcome the fears that stop you from realizing your dreams.”

Kimberly Morand

Contributing Author, The Good Mother Myth

“If you’re READY to kick Fear to the curb and become fearless in every area of your life, Thompson’s book is a must. Unlocking the causes of fear and shifting the faulty perceptions that block your success is a freedom worth achieving! Everything you want is waiting for you, on the other side of fear, and fearLESS will help get you there faster… then you can truly live your life by design.”

Kelly Fidel

Speaker, CEO,

“If you’re ready to create something extraordinary in your life, fearLESS is the best place to start. I’ve never read a book about working through the mindset issues that block our happiness and success that’s as packed with hands-on, step-by-step information as this one. fearLESS is a smart and expertly-written book that will empower your life. Read it once, then read it again with a pen, highlighter, and sticky notes because you’ll (finally) know exactly what to do and how to do it to create lasting success both at work and at home.”

David Newman

Author of "Do It! Marketing",

“This book is liberating, inspiring, and thought-provoking. Nathalie Thompson knows her stuff and you will, too, by the end of this journey with her. Full of life-changing truths that will clear your path to “happily ever after”, the concepts shared in fearLESS have the potential to make all the difference in how you engage life.”

Jeannette Maw

Good Vibe Coach,

“Anyone with a dream in their heart — and that’s everyone — struggles with self-doubt, wondering at times: “Am I good enough to succeed?” Thompson really walks the talk, avoiding fluffy platitudes and skillfully navigating the reader through the mental minefield of insecurity by offering a tempered, step-by-step, guide to slaying the dragons of real and imagined fears that suppress the greatness that lies within each of us. fearLESS is a terrific roadmap to following your heart and following your dreams. Everyone should read this book.”

Seumas Gallacher

Author of the Jack Calder Crime Series,

“If you’ve been struggling to create the kind of success you dream of in life,fearLESS is the blueprint that you’ve been waiting for. With gentle wit and soul-deep wisdom, Nathalie Thompson shares her experiences in a uniquely practical way, enabling her readers to effectively dismantle the fears that prevent them from realizing their own potential. You will appreciate her expert guidance as much as I did!”

René Trim

Chair, Ottawa Valley Crafts and Collectibles Guild,

fearLESS is a treasure trove of easy-to-implement strategies that will have you reaching through your fears and conquering your dreams on the other side. Nathalie Thompson’s wisdom and understanding, coupled with her concrete explanations and exercises make her the expert guide for anyone wanting to achieve more, now. In short: Got dreams? Get fearLESS.”

Kathy Pfeiffer


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