Simple Strategies for Mindfulness

Simple Strategies for Mindfulness

How to Slow Down, Reconnect with the Important Things in Life, and Be Here Now

(Book Two in the Simple Strategies Series)

Mindfulness for the real world.

Modern life hits you with conflicting messages on a daily basis: on the one hand, you’re told you have to “hustle hard” in order to succeed, and on the other hand you’re bombarded with warnings about the terrible dangers of stress. Mindfulness is the easy and effective antidote to this dilemma.

When you make the shift from mindlessly doing your life to actively being in your life, you reconnect with heart of who you are and start to remember what the truly important things in life are. More importantly, you begin to remember that You are more than just your fears, frustrations, or failures.

Change your life in as little as two minutes a day.

Created for busy people with little time, Simple Strategies for Mindfulness cuts through the hype and confusion surrounding the mindfulness meditation movement to give you the simple mindfulness techniques and know-how you need to navigate the ups and downs of life with greater ease and clarity – even if you’ve only got a few minutes a day to spare!

You can reap the extraordinary benefits of mindfulness in as little as two minutes a day using any of the thirty quick-and-easy mindfulness games in this book to help you:

  • Reduce stress and feel more in control of your life
  • Improve your relationships
  • Like your job better
  • Have more patience with yourself and others
  • Be less judgmental and more understanding

Even if you’re new to mindfulness Simple Strategies for Mindfulness will help you incorporate mindfulness into your into your daily life quickly, easily, and without turning it into yet another chore on your “to do” list.

This is mindfulness made simple so anyone can “be here now”…

Mindfulness for beginners doesn’t have to be hard. Reclaim control of your life and give yourself the gift of inner peace and happiness today: grab a copy of Simple Strategies for Mindfulness now!

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