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On the Blog…

1817 The Power In-Between Things

Today we are talking about the magic of change and the power in-between things.  We’re talking about learning to recognize and use the ultimate opportunities you are given for creating the life that you most want to be living. And we’re talking about how those change...

1816 Why We Are More Than We Are

In today’s episode, part two of my interview with best-selling Hay House author Melody Fletcher, we’re talking about what happens after we die, why it’s impossible for actors to realistically portray death, how we all have more than five senses, how to strengthen our...

1815 Who Are We And Why Are We Here?

We’re going down the rabbit hole today in this interview with guest expert Melody Fletcher. We’re talking about the great existential questions of humanity: who are we and why are we here; why we’re not our brains; the nature of reality; and Melody’s experiences with...

1814 How to Get Unstuck in Life

Do you ever feel like nothing you do seems to get you any closer to that big dream of yours? Do you ever feel like you’re always struggling but can’t seem to make any headway? Today we’re talking about how to get unstuck in life or business when nothing seems to be...

1813 What it Really Takes to Change Your Life

In today’s episode, part two of my interview with world-renowned yoga teacher and performing artist MC YOGI, we’re talking about what it really takes to change your life. In our chat, he shares the three critical keys that helped him turn his entire life around (and...

1812 Peace, Love, and Hip Hop

Several years ago I happened upon a music video on YouTube that changed the way I thought about hip hop music. It was a happy, uplifting song with a message about love and kindness and making the world a better place and it very quickly became one of the most-listened...

1811 Always Be Learning and Trying New Things

In today’s episode, part two of my interview with author Seumas Gallacher, we’re talking about the importance of always learning new things and not getting pigeonholed into being just one thing in life. Seumas also shares more of his inspiring stories, his tips on...

1810 Savour Every Single Day

Big career or life transitions can often be frightening things to contemplate, but everything that we experience in our lives can help us shape those new experiences in ways we might not even have thought of consciously. Today’s guest expert, Seumas Gallacher, talks...

1809 How to Connect With a Mind Mentor

One of the best things that you can do to help you successfully build your dreams is to find yourself a mentor. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find someone willing to be a mentor to you. And sometimes there are other reasons why you just don’t feel comfortable...

1808 What to Do When You’re the Black Sheep of the Family

Someone on Twitter recently asked me about coping with family members who don’t support your decision to follow your own path. She said that she was finding it difficult to build a foundation for herself when she’s never had any kind of emotional support or...
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