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What is Imposter Syndrome?

The guiding principle behind everything that I teach through Vibe Shifting is that “if you can dream it and believe it, you can always achieve it”. This is because if you don’t believe you can do something, you won’t even try (and if you do believe, nothing will stop...
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How to Make Divorce Easier

About a year ago, my husband and I split up. Aside from the obvious upheaval, grief, and having to adjust to new circumstances, it’s been surprisingly painless. Most people would think so, I suppose -- my ex and I are still friends, we help each other out as much as...
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Why Failure is a Good Thing

Have you ever had a big dream or a goal – something that you were really super-excited about, and every time you thought about it, it just fired you up and made you feel like anything was possible? So what happened? Why didn’t you go out there and do it? Was it maybe...
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Coping With Disappointment

I recently had an experience that could have left me coping with disappointment in a big way. On Monday night I competed in the area-level Toastmasters International Speech Competition and I placed third. Which could be viewed as an unfortunate thing because the first...
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1518 How to Create a Personal Advisory Board

In today’s podcast episode we’re talking about a simple, four-step process for creating a personal advisory board of handpicked experts to help you along in your dream-building endeavours, because when you start working on your dreams, you’re going to run into snags....
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How to be More Mindful

One of the things that I mention frequently as a something that can help us to maintain balance  and achieve alignment with what we want in life is the practice of mindfulness. But have you ever wondered how to be more mindful in your own life? Mindfulness can help...
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Instant Relaxation Techniques

I don’t know about you, but this time of year always seems to involve all sorts of pressure and anxiety, and inevitably leaves me in desperate need of instant relaxation techniques. First it’s the back-to-school madness, and seasonal change (winter’s coming up fast in...
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11 Habits to Adopt for a Fabulous Year

The New Year is underway and it’s a good time to think about everyday habits that we can implement to make this a fabulous year and kick-start our dream-building mojo. I’m not talking resolutions (I don’t do resolutions) but I am talking about simple little habits...
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1533 Concentration Hacks for Getting Things Done

Today we are talking about concentration hacks to help you stay focused when your mind keeps wandering but you really need to get stuff done. We’ve all been in those frustrating situations where we’ve got deadlines and important stuff to do, but we just...
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Money and the Law of Attraction

I recently had a reader send in a question that made me realize that I haven’t gotten around to tackling the question of money and the Law of Attraction, so I decided today was the day. While the brilliant Carole Remy did provide me with a wonderful guest post on...
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