1306 Achieving Your Goals with LOA

Today's podcast episode is all about achieving your goals with LOA. In this episode, I talk about Law of Attraction based strategies to help you make your dreams come true by moving them out the ethereal realm of possibility and into the concrete realm of reality! I'm...
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Why I Gave Up on New Year’s Resolutions

I’m going to start this off by saying point blank that I do not make New Year’s Resolutions, and have not done so for years.  I don’t like them. And I suspect that most of the people who do make resolutions don’t really like them much either; as I write this it is the...
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How to Dissolve Darkness and Fear

Paris. How can you explain something like that? How can you make sense of such tragedy and suffering? How can you, in any way, understand it or come to terms with it? And how can you keep yourself from falling into the bottomless pit of darkness and fear that such...
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1437 How to Boost Creativity

Today we are talking about strategies to boost creativity, because this is not just a skill needed by artists and musicians and such. Creativity is not just about paint on a canvas or movement to music, it’s about looking at things from a different perspective and...
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One Day at a Time

Well, it’s June. The start of a new month. And I just moved into my new place a couple of days ago. I’m sort of unpacked and at least I have an internet connection again. (Sort of. It’s flaky and frequently just craps out… first thing on my "to do" list this week is...
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Stress Busting Strategies

Are you feeling the need for some good stress busting strategies in your life? You’re not alone! For many people stress has become a way of life. It’s almost as if we’ve given up on the idea that life could be anything other than stressful, and just accepted it as...
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Chasing the Clouds Away

Sometimes, no matter how much you try, it seems impossible to pull yourself out of a funk. Sometimes, chasing the clouds away seems like a lost cause as they roll their way in, crowding out your sunshine and flattening your motivation and productivity. It’s not...
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Richard Branson: Law of Attraction Wizard?

I recently read the autobiography of Richard Branson. You know, that multi-gazillionnaire English guy who has about 600 businesses and got knighted and does all that weird stuff like trying to fly around the world in a hot air balloon. The Virgin Record guy. Yeah,...
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How to Stop Your Inner Critics

In previous vlog episodes you’ve learned to recognize your inner critics (gremlins, I call them) and you’ve learned that you need to be able to conquer those voices of doubt so that they don’t derail your dreams. In today’s vlog episode we’re talking about how to stop...

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Inner Critic or Inner Wisdom?

When I’ve talked about gremlins in the past, I’ve had people ask me how they’re supposed to tell if that voice they’re hearing is their inner critic or their inner wisdom. How do you distinguish between gremlins and what I usually refer to as “the whisper within” –...

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Why We Must Speak Out When Darkness Falls

All right. The Trump article. You knew it was coming. I have struggled with this post for two weeks now, trying to come up with something to say that wouldn’t just add to the darkness and despair that so many are currently feeling. But I cannot stay silent on this any...

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Getting to Know Your Gremlins

Getting to know your gremlins is important. Your inner critics are powerful creatures, and you need to be able to recognize them, or they will derail your dreams. When you’ve got a big dream in your heart and you’ve made the commitment to dedicate yourself to making...

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Beware Your Nasty Inner Critics

If you've got dreams to build or goals to achieve, you need to stop listening to your nasty inner critics and start listening to your inner voices of hope, instead. If you've ever compared yourself to someone you admire and wondered how the hell they got to where they...

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1621 Focus is the Key to Productivity

Today we’re talking about the key to productivity, and that key is FOCUS. Being able draw your attention in to one thing without getting distracted by competing priorities and other shiny things. [powerpress] Back in the spring, so April, May, June – I was finding...

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Gratitude is the Foundation

Gratitude is the foundation for your future success. Appreciation for what you already have, at whatever stage you’re at, is the key to creating more of anything that’s important to you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting more (of whatever) in your life,...

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1620 Simple Productivity Hacks

Today we are talking about super simple productivity hacks that you can use to keep yourself organized and on track with all those little things you need to get done every day. I think most of us have had the frustrating experience of being overwhelmed with a big “to...

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