Procrastination Busting Strategies to Help You Get Stuff Done

Procrastination Busting Strategies

What do you do when you know you’ve got to get stuff done, but you just can’t seem to make yourself do it? You know that action is critical to success of any kind, but sometimes you just fall into those funks where you find yourself avoiding the things that will bring you closer to […]

What to do when you're afraid to succeed

How to Cope When You’re Afraid to Succeed

In the last couple of videos we’ve been talking about fear of success, where it comes from, and how to tell if it’s something that’s holding you back from turning YOUR dreams into reality. Today we’re going to look at ways of dealing with the hidden thoughts that are causing you to be afraid to […]

How to tell if you're afraid of success

How to Tell if You’re Afraid of Success

Last week we talked about the idea of being afraid of success. Sometimes people are more afraid of actually achieving their big dreams and goals than they are of failing to achieve them. x We’ve also been talking recently about how your beliefs and expectations affect how you perceive and experience the world around you. […]

How to get what you want in life

1617 How to Get What You Want

Today we are talking about how to get what you want in life. And I’m going to share with you the single biggest thing that I have learned about just how to do that. Are you ready? Because here it is – the single most effective thing that you can do to help you achieve […]

Do you fear success?

Do People Really Fear Success?

Most people are familiar with concept of fear of failure. But for some people, it’s not failure that scares them most, but the fear that they will succeed. And while the fear of success is actually one of the most common fears out there, it’s a concept that seems counter-intuitive on the surface because, really, […]

How to stop others from making you feel bad : Dealing with the mean, nasty and judgemental.

1616 How to Stop Others From Making You Feel Bad

Today we are talking about how to stop others from making you feel bad. One of the things that so many people struggle with when making big changes in their lives is the judgement they’re subjected to from other people. This is such a huge issue for so many people, and in fact, fear of judgement […]

Love vs Fear and why your choice matters

Love vs Fear: Choose Wisely

Last week we talked about how the realization that your mind, is a powerful force shaping your reality can be really scary for some people. When you realize that your thoughts, beliefs, and expectations have such an enormous impact on how you perceive the world around you and on how you experience your world – […]

Five Benefits of Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

1615 Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

Today we’re talking about the benefits of moving out of your comfort zone, and how doing things that we’ve never done before, or things that maybe scare us a little bit or make us feel uncomfortable – things that stretch us a bit – how doing stuff like that can actually be good for us […]

The Genie in the Bottle - are you afraid of the power of your own mind?

The Genie in the Bottle

So with our previous videos about the biology of fear and how our focus determines our reality, we’ve pretty much let loose the genie in the bottle; you now know what your own mind is capable of, so how does it make you feel? Now that you know how powerful your thoughts are and how […]

The problem with pessimism, and what to do about it

1612 The Problem with Pessimism

Today we’re talking about the problem with pessimism, or why pessimism is such a counterproductive mindset and perspective to get stuck in when you’re trying to build a dream. High ideals gone wrong I see so many people out there who have such high ideals about what the world could be – when it comes […]


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