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1811 Always Be Learning and Trying New Things

In today’s episode, part two of my interview with author Seumas Gallacher, we’re talking about the importance of always learning new things and not getting pigeonholed into being just one thing in life. Seumas also shares more of his inspiring stories, his tips on...
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1810 Savour Every Single Day

Big career or life transitions can often be frightening things to contemplate, but everything that we experience in our lives can help us shape those new experiences in ways we might not even have thought of consciously. Today’s guest expert, Seumas Gallacher, talks...
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1809 How to Connect With a Mind Mentor

One of the best things that you can do to help you successfully build your dreams is to find yourself a mentor. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find someone willing to be a mentor to you. And sometimes there are other reasons why you just don’t feel comfortable...
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1808 What to Do When You’re the Black Sheep of the Family

Someone on Twitter recently asked me about coping with family members who don’t support your decision to follow your own path. She said that she was finding it difficult to build a foundation for herself when she’s never had any kind of emotional support or...
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1807 Connecting the Dots on the Bumpy Road to Your Dreams

The road to building a dream can be a bumpy one sometimes and it’s important to remember that big dreams take work. Connecting the dots is often hard to do when we’re in the trenches; it’s hard to see where all our effort is leading us while we’re in the middle of it...
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1806 Take a Risk and Build a Dream

If you want to build a dream, you have to be willing to take the risk of stepping out of your comfort zone once in a while. Trying something new can be terrifying, but having the courage to go after what you really want in life despite your fears is the fastest and...
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1805 What to Do When Your New Year’s Resolutions Fail

Well, it’s February. For many people, that means the shine has now worn off all those exciting New Year’s Resolutions that were made with such sincerity only five short weeks ago. So today I thought we should talk about what to do when your New Year’s resolutions...
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1804 Spinning Your Wheels and Going Nowhere

One of the things I mention frequently in my work is the idea of consistency – of making sure you keep working towards your big dream on a regular basis because even small progress adds up over time. But what do you do when what you’ve been doing just doesn’t seem to...
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1803 Creating Success with Parallel Realities

In today’s podcast episode, part two of my interview with Success Mentor Joanna Hennon, we’re talking about creating success in our lives using parallel realities, and Joanna shares the spooky personal example of a sudden shift in her physical reality that first got...
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1802 Parallel Realities in Your Real Life

One of the more interesting aspects of quantum physics is the theory of the multiverse, or parallel realities in which different versions of ourselves could exist, all of whom could be leading lives of their own that we know nothing about. In today’s podcast episode,...
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