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Building the Foundations of Your Dream

Has anyone ever told you that you’re flighty? Do people tell you that you’ve got your head in the clouds or that you need to stop dreaming and start paying attention to reality? Have you ever been told that it’s childish to concentrate yourself on the impossible...
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Learning From Failure

Why is it that when we think of “failure” we automatically think it’s a bad thing? Why does it give us that nasty feeling in the pit of our stomachs? Why do we believe that when we fail at something we tried to do, that we ourselves are failures, too? Wouldn’t it...
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Forgiveness: Letting Go and Moving On

Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future. ~Paul Boese Forgiveness is one of those topics that I’ve historically had a hard time dealing with. Why should we have to forgive someone who was patently in the wrong? If someone hurt us,...
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Create Your Own Reality

Do you believe that you can create your own reality? That your focus in this world determines your experience of that world? That there is more to everything out there than what most people see on the surface? In the Vibe Shifters Tribe last week, I posted an...
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How to Shift Your Money Vibe

If you read my previous article on money and the Law of Attraction, then you’ll already be familiar with the idea that money is just another form of energy, and that the way we feel about money affects how much of it we have in our lives. To be more specific, the...
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The Best Way to Make a Difference

Here’s an interesting thought: what if your dreams are supposed to scare you? What if it’s that surge of adrenalin-induced energy that is meant to be a sign to you that you’re on the right path? Nobel Peace Prize winner and 24th President of Liberia, Ellen...
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What does following your passion really mean?

So the topic du-jour today is this idea of passion, and whether or not the idea of following your passion is a good thing or just a trite little saying that’s going ruin all our lives. As you can probably tell from that first sentence, this whole debate is a...
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What is Positive Psychology?

Today’s topic is positive psychology: what it is, what it isn’t and what it has to do with Vibe Shifting. It occurred to me the other day that I’ve never really talked about where the background for what I talk about on this web site comes from. Obviously, there’s...
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1620 Simple Productivity Hacks

Today we are talking about super simple productivity hacks that you can use to keep yourself organized and on track with all those little things you need to get done every day. I think most of us have had the frustrating experience of being overwhelmed with a big “to...

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Your Dreams Are Never Wrong

Your dreams are never wrong. There. I’ve said it. It doesn’t matter what it is you want, or how different it is from your friends’ dreams or your family’s dreams. And it doesn’t matter how different your dreams are from what you think...

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What is Imposter Syndrome?

The guiding principle behind everything that I teach through Vibe Shifting is that “if you can dream it and believe it, you can always achieve it”. This is because if you don’t believe you can do something, you won’t even try (and if you do believe, nothing will stop...

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1618 Go Ahead and Get Mad!

Today we’re talking about why it’s perfectly OK for you to go ahead and get mad – at yourself, at other people, at the world, at the Universe at large. When you’re in my line of work, and what you do is focused to a large extent on positivity and mindset and such, one...

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Big Changes, Big Benefits

It’s back-to-school day for my kids. My littlest one started grade one today. I’ll admit I had a bit of a “mommy moment” on my way back home this morning. There’s no denying it anymore — my baby is no longer a baby. That bittersweet thought, of course, was...

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Procrastination Busting Strategies

What do you do when you know you’ve got to get stuff done, but you just can’t seem to make yourself do it? You know that action is critical to success of any kind, but sometimes you just fall into those funks where you find yourself avoiding the things...

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How to Cope When You’re Afraid to Succeed

In the last couple of videos we’ve been talking about fear of success, where it comes from, and how to tell if it’s something that’s holding you back from turning YOUR dreams into reality. Today we’re going to look at ways of dealing with the hidden thoughts that are...

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