Love vs Fear and why your choice matters

Love vs Fear: Choose Wisely

Last week we talked about how the realization that your mind, is a powerful force shaping your reality can be really scary for some people. When you realize that your thoughts, beliefs, and expectations have such an enormous impact on how you perceive the world around you and on how you experience your world – […]

Five Benefits of Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

1615 Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

Today we’re talking about the benefits of moving out of your comfort zone, and how doing things that we’ve never done before, or things that maybe scare us a little bit or make us feel uncomfortable – things that stretch us a bit – how doing stuff like that can actually be good for us […]

The Genie in the Bottle - are you afraid of the power of your own mind?

The Genie in the Bottle

So with our previous videos about the biology of fear and how our focus determines our reality, we’ve pretty much let loose the genie in the bottle; you now know what your own mind is capable of, so how does it make you feel? Now that you know how powerful your thoughts are and how […]

The problem with pessimism, and what to do about it

1612 The Problem with Pessimism

Today we’re talking about the problem with pessimism, or why pessimism is such a counterproductive mindset and perspective to get stuck in when you’re trying to build a dream. High ideals gone wrong I see so many people out there who have such high ideals about what the world could be – when it comes […]

How the snowball effect can make your fears look bigger and scarier than they really are

The Snowball Effect of Fear

Negative thought processes act like a downward spiral. Dwelling on one negative thought almost magnetically draws more negative thoughts to itself, and then the whole process picks up speed and gets stronger with time, creating a kind of snowball effect that just magnifies that fear into something far worse than it really is. x […]

Strategies to help you be a better leader by building rock-solid team loyalty and building your organizational dream!

1613 How to Be a Better Leader

Today we are talking about how to be a better leader – at home, at work, or wherever. Now, before we dive into this, I one of the things I mention frequently on my blog is that in order to find your truth, you need to be open to finding all the puzzle pieces that […]

Are you falling into the negativity spiraling mind trap?

What is Negativity Spiraling?

Last week we talked about the biology of fear and how your mind doesn’t differentiate between real threats and imagined threats – your body will react the same way to real threats as it does to threats you’re just thinking about.  And we mentioned that what this meant for our dreams is that most of […]

The biology of fear - featured image

The Biology of Fear

In my book, fearLESS, I talk a little bit about the biology of fear. And for the purposes of the book, and when it comes to how your fears affect your ability to successfully build your dreams, there are only two things you really need to know: The amygdalae, are small almond-shaped structures within your […]

The right kind of action - featured image

The Right Kind of Action

You’ve been told that you have to take action in order to make your dreams a reality. In fact, I’m one of the people who keeps telling you this ad nauseum. And that’s because it’s important. You can’t make a dream come true just by wishing that it was true, or by just thinking happy […]


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