Why We Are More Than We Are - An Interview with author Melody FletcherIn today’s episode, part two of my interview with best-selling Hay House author Melody Fletcher, we’re talking about what happens after we die, why it’s impossible for actors to realistically portray death, how we all have more than five senses, how to strengthen our intuitive abilities, and what it is that Melody actually does when she “connects” with those who have passed on. We also get an exclusive preview of two not-yet released reality-creation courses she’s been working on.

This Expert Series Guest Interview Has Two Parts:
1815 Who Are We And Why Are We Here?
1816 Why We Are More Than We Are


If you missed last week’s episode, part one of my interview with Melody, we went way down the rabbit hole with a great discussion about the biggest existential questions of humanity: who we are and why we’re here; why we’re not our brains; the nature of reality; and Melody shared her experiences connecting with a client’s dying father. You can catch that interview right here.

Transcript: Why We Are More Than We Are

Nathalie: Just a point on that, too. When my father passed away, five years ago this May. There is something that happens. I was with my father at the moment he died, and there is something that happens.

And that experience, more than anything else that I’ve ever seen or heard or done or read, in my entire life, convinced me that we are more than we are. And it certainly convinced me of the existence of something… Whatever we mean when we say there is a soul.

Because at the point that the individual dies, it becomes obvious that they are no longer in this body. It’s obvious that this is a shell.

And you see actors on TV, they die in the movie and stuff, but you can’t fake death. It’s not fake-able. You know. If you have ever been with somebody at that point, there is an instant difference between alive and not alive.

Knowing That a Love One Has Passed

Nathalie: And my sister… I got called at about 2:00 in the morning, telling me I needed to be there, like now. And everybody else had been with him as he was in that last phase. He was quite agitated and stuff. And I think everybody else was kind of exhausted and they went to bed because you don’t really know how long it’s going to take.

And my sister, who actually happened to be in town visiting that weekend, fortunately. She was upstairs. And at the moment that he left, she woke up. And it was it was the moment. The documented time of death. She woke up and came downstairs. She just knew. So there is something…

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We Have More Than 5 Senses

Melody: We are very attuned. And you’re absolutely right, you can’t fake it. And I think that there’s actually great benefit to having open casket funerals for that very reason, that when you see the quote, unquote “dead body”… You know, as a human being, we’re all much more sensitive to this stuff than we realize.

Melody: Like I said, we all have more than five senses. Some of us are more consciously aware of that than others, but we all have them and we use them. And we can absolutely sense that the life force is no longer in the body. And it’s not something you can really put your finger on like “oh it looks this way”, you just know.

Nathalie: No. That’s just it, is you can’t really explain it. Like, I’m trying to explain this as I’m talking out with you, but…

Melody: No. You just know. It’s not with with the five senses. But you know. That energy is no longer there. And I think that it’s actually very helpful for people because: “Oh, it’s just a shell…” And it’s very difficult to deny. However you interpret it. You know life after death. Maybe there is a God, whatever, you know? That’s where it can get kind of hairy.

“Something is Different”

Melody: But I think in that moment what is so universal to humans is that we pick up that there, you know… Something is different. This person is not who, this body is not who this person was. The body is left behind but they are not here anymore. I don’t sense them here anymore. Something is very fundamentally different here.

Nathalie: Yeah.

Melody: Yeah? And I think that that can actually be quite helpful for people. Although it can bring up a lot of existential questions. You know, “well if we’re not that, then who are we?” But I think it actually can bring a lot of peace to people who have quote unquote “lost” a loved one. And it is incredibly… We are so much more connected than we think and we are very sensitive to that.

Delaying or Choosing the Time of Transition

Melody: So, you know waking up… It’s not uncommon waking up and knowing, even if the person is not in the house with you. They can be miles and miles away, waking up and knowing that someone has passed, or that this transition has occurred. It is absolutely not uncommon for that to happen.

It’s also not uncommon for people who are hanging on to finally transition when a loved one has finally come to terms with the fact that they are going to die.

Nathalie: Well, I had the distinct feeling that he kind of picked that day, that weekend, because my sister was there. She lives several hours away, so…

Melody: Yeah. And she would have been drawn there, to come there. And absolutely.

Giving Loved Ones a Chance to Accept Things

Melody: No death is an accident. I know that’s hard for people to understand, particularly when someone who is younger dies. We can kind of accept it when someone is like 97 years old, and we’re like “OK. Well he’s lived a good life.” But no death is an accident. It is always orchestrated from who we really are.

And, you know, we play the game until we want to play the game maybe differently. And we might hit reset. But no death is an accident. And so even the timing of the death is not an accident. And we allow, often, our loved ones…

Like I said, I’ve seen it many times where someone hung on in order to give their loved ones time to accept this, to work through this. This person is going to die. And to get to the place where they can let them go, or to work out some kind of an issue that the person who is dying, who is transitioning, represents to them.

Waiting for Loved Ones to Work Through Issues

Melody: So I had a client, for example, and again I’ve I’ve seen this many times. But I had a client, for example, who worked with me for quite some time, and then out of the blue one day tells me about her father, who she’d never mentioned before, who it turns out had been in a coma for 15 years.

He’s been lying in a coma all this time, 15 years.

She finally mentions him. We’ve been working together for probably two, three years at this point, mentions her father. In that session we work to some energy that her father represented. So, she had to let something go. That night, he transitioned.

Nathalie: Wow.

Melody: Because he was just hanging on, and this was not for her to feel guilty about, because he was basically already gone.Like I said you know he’s not trapped in the body, just as with my client’s friend, he was 90, her father was 95 percent out of the body.

He came back in a little bit to have that experience. And then I got to connect with him because right after that, basically that night, he died. Because she had the session with me, she was able to work through her pain. She was able to release. She shifted a bunch of energy, felt a lot better.

So he was able to go. And I could feel him, because she got on the phone with me one day later, and I could feel his elation. And I knew I was only getting a tiny percentage of what was really happening, but it absolutely…

The Vibe Shifting Show interviews Melody Fletcher - part 2

Clarifying Melody’s Channeling Abilities

Nathalie: Just just to clarify, for anybody listening who isn’t actually familiar with Melody, she does the channeling stuff. So…

Melody: Yeah, I do the channeling. But I don’t do trance channeling. I’m not a trance channeler. Which means that when I channel I don’t leave the room. I don’t bring forth an entity. I don’t close my eyes. I don’t do any of that. I just become incredibly wise, you know?

Nathalie: But you can sense other energy from other people. So… it’s just you’re mentioning a lot of you could feel him, you connected with him. Just to clarify that for people.

Melody: What I can do is I can read someone’s energy. So when I’m coaching someone I’m reading their energy. I’m connecting with their higher self. And I’m translating that energy back to them. Which is nothing that people can’t do for themselves. But sometimes it’s just nice to hear it through someone else. It gives you some validation.

Connecting with the Departed When Appropriate

Melody: I do talk to the departed, so to speak. Or, they talk to me. I don’t seek them out. I don’t go to places where dead people are. If I go to a cemetery I’m not constantly deluged by that. It’s not like in the movies. It only really happens, you know, when it’s helpful.

So I have some parameters I set around that. When I’m working with someone a client, if it’s helpful for their dead relatives to pop in, then they’re absolutely welcome to do that. And it does happen. But I don’t pass on messages and whatever. This isn’t the Ghost Whisperer or anything like that. So, yeah, I have the ability to do that, as does everyone, by the way. We just have to allow that to happen.

But I happen to have practiced it quite a bit and have been doing it for a long time. I don’t tell people their future. I am not a medium. I don’t do anything like that. I consider myself a coach and a helper and I’m here to help. And if, in the guise of helping people that is appropriate, then I’m happy to do that. But otherwise…

You Can Always Tell the Difference

Melody: So when I’m saying I feel it, I sense it, I’ve heard… yeah. A lot of this is happening in a non-physical state. But to me there is no difference anymore. You know? It’s not like I can’t tell the difference between seeing a dead person and seeing a live person.

There’s an absolute difference because one I see with my physical eyes and one I see with my third eye. And there is a difference in experience between. So I never get confused, which is one of the fears that people have: “Am I going to get confused. I’m not going to be able to tell the difference.”

You can absolutely tell the difference. Of course you can tell the difference. Just like you could tell the difference between a 2D image and a 3-D image. Yeah? You could tell if it’s a square or a cube. You are not confused about one or the other. And so that’s what this is like. It’s like seeing with more dimensions.

Everyone Can Do This

Melody: And so everybody has the ability to do this. And certainly chapter to access their higher self and use their senses. So to me there really is no difference between my five senses and my other senses coming into play because I’ve given them enough validation.

Melody: So when you my, let’s call it intuition, which is another sense we have, yeah? When my intuition tells me something I pay attention to that just as much as if a person had come up and said something to me, or I’d gotten a phone call, or I read something in the paper. That is, in fact to me, that’s more valid.

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How to Hone Your Intuitive Abilities

Nathalie: What can people do if they want to improve their ability to do that kind of thing? Not necessarily to connect with the energy of the dearly departed or anything because that would totally creep out a lot of people.

But just this this concept of being able to connect with energy in general and with your intuition? And to be able to rely more on these abilities? Or to at least be able to understand them and to be able to use them in a way that’s helpful in the reality that we live in? What can we do to strengthen that ability?

Melody: Well, if you’d asked me that a few years ago I probably would have given you different advice. But we’re in the now. And the now is sort of, you know, more open than it’s ever been. Things are possible that have never been possible before. The energy is moving faster than it ever has. And so now, in this time, all you really have to do is two things: awareness and validation.

Just Do Your Best

Melody: So awareness is: do your best. And it’s always just to the best of your ability, because you can’t do any more. So let’s all stop beating up on ourselves and trying to be perfect and just do your best to the best of your ability to be aware.

So when something happens, you know, those coincidences. Or your gut says something that might defy your logic. So your gut might say “don’t do this business deal with this person” or “don’t even talk to this person” and then your head might say “But why not? I don’t see any logical reason. They haven’t said anything to offend me. They don’t smell. What’s the problem?”

But your gut will say “Well, I have more information because I have access to more data than you, and I’m telling you this isn’t going to be pleasant for you. It’s not going to be awesome for you.” But then maybe your head overrides that and you go and you talk to them and you say “Oh yeah. That wasn’t fun. They were kind of a dick.” Yeah?

And then you can be aware that your gut said that and then you can validate in the moment or you can validate in hindsight, but validate. So: “Oh my god, I was right. I was right. That fell off. And, OK, I didn’t trust it yet so I went ahead and had that conversation. And, yeah, it wasn’t fun. That guy was weird.” Or whatever. Yeah? “But my gut said that’s not going to be fun.”

And Then You Just Practice

Melody: So it’s awareness and validation. And then you just practice. Because you’re not gonna… You know, you can’t ask yourself to have perfect trust in your intuition instantly. That’s built over time. But it’s awareness. Being aware of it.

And then validating and realizing “oh my god, that was right. That was right. That was right.” And then eventually you get to the point, and it doesn’t even take that long if you validate, you can get to the point where you can make the decision to listen before you have to go down that road and get proof that “oh, yeah, I was right.”

It’s like “You know what? I’m going to assume I am right. I’m not even going to go talk to that person. I don’t know why I’m not supposed to talk to them. But in some way it’s not going to be awesome for me. And so I’m not going to go talk to them.

But I really want to go talk to that guy. Hey I don’t really have any proof why that would be a good idea. And on paper, that might not even look like a good idea, but my intuition is telling me go talk to them. I don’t know why, but I’m going to go do it. I’m going to listen to my intuition.”

Quote - we are all visitors to this time, this place

Start Slowly and Work Your Way Up

 Melody: So you start off by sort of, you know, noticing it in a really safe way because you’re not taking any action on it yet. But as you learn to trust it, then you start making your decisions based on the information that you’re getting.

And that’s really all it takes because that’s what opens it up. Awareness and validation open it up so you start to get more and more and more and more.

And it happens incrementally. So you don’t have to be afraid that you’re suddenly going to have, you know, the voice of god booming into your bedroom, scaring the crap out of you. Or dead people showing up.

And I used to be afraid of the same thing. As I was opening myself up I thought “Oh my god, am I going to become a schizophrenic? Am I going to be running around the street no longer knowing what’s real and what’s not?” And that’s not how that happens.

It Happens Subtly and Incrementally

So, you know, it comes in incrementally in ways that are almost… They’re sometimes even almost little too subtle in order to really not scare you. So that what it what it really takes is, again, that awareness and validation to strengthen it, where you’re almost asking for it becomes stronger. “Hey it’s OK. You can you can send me the signal a little bit more strongly now. I can handle it. I can handle it.”

Because you’re always having to give permission for that. And so by having awareness, willingness to be aware, and the willingness validate, you’re giving permission for that sense to strengthen.

And that’s all you have to do. You don’t have to do years and years of meditation. Although meditation can be helpful because it helps you to be aware. Yeah? What it really takes is making the decision to be aware and to validate. Make sense?

Melody’s New Courses

Nathalie: Awesome. So I want to ask you one more thing. Because you literally wrote the book on Deliberate Receiving, first of all. “Finally the universe makes some freakin’ sense.” I remember reading that when it first came out. It’s one of the books on my bookshelf.

Nathalie: But since then, you recently launched Reality Academy. Which is your first full-fledged program to help people create the reality they want.

Melody: Step into the reality of their choice.

Nathalie: Yeah. Now, we were talking just before we started recording today. And you told me that you’ve got a couple of new things that are in the works that you’re cooking up for people. So I was wondering if you want to give us a little bit of a preview of what’s to come?

Melody: Yeah.

Nathalie: Awesome.

Melody: Yeah, happy to do that. The Nathalie Thompson exclusive. And it really is because I haven’t said this to anyone.

Nathalie: There you go. You heard it first on the Vibe Shifting Show, people.

About Reality Academy

Melody: Yeah, ’cause I just made that decision. And so we launched Reality Academy, which is the mother load of all creation courses. I’ve never seen anything like it, anywhere. And it is absolutely truly revolutionary. But it is a little bit, more so than I was anticipating, it is a little bit of an elite program.

And I hadn’t seen that because you have to understand that to me this is all common sense. And so I sometimes forget how mind blowing this stuff can be. And so I had to kind of realize “Oh yeah. This is a super-elite course for people who are really ready to go down that rabbit hole and to really step into their power.”

And so, I kind of do everything backwards, normally you would do this the other way. But this is how my intuition has led me to it. And I think that I had to create Reality Academy so that I can create the path towards it.

Exclusive Preview of Melody’s Jumpstart Program

And so what we’re coming out next with is a jumpstart program which is really for people who are just getting into this and who are resonating with it. Maybe they saw the secret, or maybe they’ve even read every Law of Attraction book out there. I get a lot of those.

I cater to a very intellectual, overthinking crowd. People who whose minds are very strong and they can’t just go on faith and accept that “oh well, you know, just positive thinking and it’ll sort of happen”. Which, actually, that’s not how that happens, anyway. But we need to know how it works. We need to understand the nitty-gritty of it.

And yet, as you’re starting to engage with this information, it’s really helpful in the beginning if you have some wins. Because it helps you build some trust that this stuff is actually how it works. That you’re not crazy for resonating with it. That it’s not your imagination.

Two New Deliberate Receiving Courses on the Horizon

And so we decided to come up with a sort of… I hate to call it a beginner program because I don’t really love labeling people that way. “You’re a beginner and you’re intermediate.” Because everyone’s just on their path.

But it’s sort of, as you’re starting to get into this information, some exercises and little games that you can play that seem kind of innocuous but are incredibly powerful energy-shifting techniques that help you to have some experience of some wins. So that you can start to build some trust.

And then on the back of that we’re going to do a more advanced program, but not as advanced Reality Academy, that will help people to really get that understanding. And that’s going to be more based on the book Deliberate Receiving. To give you that really intellectual framework of how this machine that we call the universe actually works.

And from that on, people can, if they really want to go further, then they can go to Reality Academy. So we’re building sort of a nice stairway of education so you can get your high school degree, and then you get your bachelor’s degree, and then you could go do your Ph.D. if you want.

Different Levels of the Same Concepts

Nathalie: So the new courses are going to be be be “stepping up your game” kind of stuff, and then when you’ve got a handle on that you move on to Reality Academy, which is the totally souped-up version.

Melody: Exactly. Exactly. So it isn’t that you learn, necessarily, completely different things. It’s that you learn them at a completely different level. So it’s kind of like thinking can you learn math?

Well you can learn basic algebra, or just basic one plus one is two. Than you learn some algebra. Then you go on to calculus and trigonometry. And then you go on to theoretical mathematics. And that’s kind of the path. So it’s all math, but it’s at different levels.

And that’s kind of how this is structured. So, it’s not that you don’t get to engage with creating your reality. You absolutely do. But it’s at different levels.

The Education People Want, So They Can Have Some Fun

Melody: And not everybody wants to go all the way down the rabbit hole, by the way.

Nathalie: Yes. That’s true.

Melody: I have many clients who got a basic understanding of how it works, their lives were completely changed, and they have no interest in talking about things like different dimensions and teleportation and thingslike that. That’s fine.

But it’s basically giving people the education that they want and need to achieve what they want in their lives. And that’s it. You don’t have to get any more education if you don’t want to. It’s where your interest level lies.

Because for me it’s all about really helping to empower people to remember who they really are so that they can finally have some freakin’ fun at this game.

Nathalie: Awesome. So ETA on that? We’re looking sort of spring/summer 2018?

Melody: Yeah.

Nathalie: So we’re going to put the links to Melody’s sites and her social media accounts in the show notes for today’s show so that you can go check it out and stay up to date if you’re interested in these upcoming courses or want to get on the waiting list for her next opening for Reality Academy. We’ll put all that stuff into the show notes so you can find it all and connect with Melody online.

Nathalie: So thank you so much for being here today, Melody. This has been awesome.

Melody: You’re so welcome. Thank you for having me. I’ve just had so much fun. It’s been great connecting with you finally.

Photograph of Melody FletcherAbout Today’s Guest Expert:

Best Selling Hay House author Melody Fletcher is an expert in the Law of Attraction, who doesn’t believe that personal development has to be so damn serious all the time. She helps people who are tired of not being happy to understand how the technology of reality actually works and remember how powerful they truly are, so they can finally get the lives they’ve always dreamed of. Connect with Melody via her website, on Facebook, or on YouTube.

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