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The Tools You Need to Build Your Dreams!

So what does it take to master the elusive methods and mindset of success? It takes a willingness to:

  • Believe that your dream is possible and that you deserve to have it come true.
  • Step out of your comfort zone and commit yourself to the thing that calls most strongly to you.
  • Do the work you need to do, in whatever little bits of time you can find in your day, to create the kind of life you want.

In these podcast episodes I and my very special guest experts will be sharing everything we’ve learned along our own journeys in order to help make yours easier. In short, we’re not only going to keep you motivated and inspired, we’re going to give you all the technical skills and actionable strategies that you’ll need to actually make your dreams happen!

Most Recent Episodes

1817 The Power In-Between Things

Today we are talking about the magic of change and the power in-between things.  We’re talking about learning to recognize and use the ultimate opportunities you are given for creating the life that you most want to be living. And we’re talking about how those change...

1816 Why We Are More Than We Are

In today’s episode, part two of my interview with best-selling Hay House author Melody Fletcher, we’re talking about what happens after we die, why it’s impossible for actors to realistically portray death, how we all have more than five senses, how to strengthen our...

1815 Who Are We And Why Are We Here?

We’re going down the rabbit hole today in this interview with guest expert Melody Fletcher. We’re talking about the great existential questions of humanity: who are we and why are we here; why we’re not our brains; the nature of reality; and Melody’s experiences with...

1814 How to Get Unstuck in Life

Do you ever feel like nothing you do seems to get you any closer to that big dream of yours? Do you ever feel like you’re always struggling but can’t seem to make any headway? Today we’re talking about how to get unstuck in life or business when nothing seems to be...

1813 What it Really Takes to Change Your Life

In today’s episode, part two of my interview with world-renowned yoga teacher and performing artist MC YOGI, we’re talking about what it really takes to change your life. In our chat, he shares the three critical keys that helped him turn his entire life around (and...

The Expert Series: Guest Interviews on The Vibe Shifting Show

The Expert Series is new feature to The Vibe Shifting Show format. In these special guest interviews, experts from all over the world, in all sort of fields, will inspire and motivate you with their stories. When you listen in on the Expert Series, you’ll hear real-life personal conversations that demonstrate what the power of a positive mindset, an open heart, and a determination to build a dream can really do!

What Listeners Are Saying About The Vibe Shifting Show


I’m so glad I found these podcasts and Nathalie’s site. Great content, lovely voice, just the right length. Motivating, thought provoking – hmmm- make that altering, and she has info I haven’t heard before (in a world where you feel everyone is saying the same thing)! Love Love Love them!.

Firestarter23 (iTunes Review)


This show is fantastic! I think so many people live being negative or at least not happy. Nathalie has put together a great show and I have been listening to her older shows. I wish each episode was an hour. Check it out.

RonnyHolst (iTunes Review)


Do you really want to change your life? Well, you totally can if you change what’s going on inside yourself. It really is an inner job and Nathalie gives you the tools to do so. Her podcasts, blogs and books are worth reading/listening to over and over for things to sink in.

My Name is Doc (iTunes Review)

The Vibe Shifting Show Archive Vault

Here you’ll find all the shows that have aired since the show started back in 2013. Click a title to see all the shows published that year!

2018 Vibe Shifting Show Podcast Episodes

1817 The Power In-Between Things
1816 Why We Are More Than We Are (interview with LOA Expert Melody Fletcher, Part 2) 
1815 Who Are We And Why Are We Here? (interview with LOA Expert Melody Fletcher, Part 1)
1814 How to Get Unstuck in Life
1813 What it Really Takes to Change Your Life (interview with hip hop artist MC YOGI, Part 2)
1812 Peace, Love, and Hip Hop (interview with hip hop artist MC YOGI, Part 1)
1811 Always Be Learning and Trying New Things (interview with author Seumas Gallacher, Part 2)
1810 Savour Every Single Day (interview with author Seumas Gallacher, Part 1)
1809 How to Connect With a Mind Mentor

1808 What to Do When You’re the Black Sheep of the Family
1807 Connecting the Dots on the Bumpy Road to Your Dreams`(interview with singer/songwriter Leyla, Part 2)
1806 Take a Risk and Build a Dream (interview with singer/songwriter Leyla, Part 1)
1805 What to Do When Your New Year’s Resolutions Fail
1804 Spinning Your Wheels and Going Nowhere
1803 Creating Success with Parallel Realities (interview with success coach Joanna Hennon, Part 2)
1802 Parallel Realities in Your Real Life (interview with success coach Joanna Hennon, Part 1)
1801 Making Mistakes and Dealing With Regrets

2017 Vibe Shifting Show Podcast Episodes
1716 How to Make the World a Better Place
1715 The Danger of Comparison (interview with business coach Jessica Fearnley, Part 2)
1714 Overcoming Scarcity Mindset and Fear (interview with business coach Jessica Fearnley, Part 1)
1713 Anything You Want
1712 How to Enjoy Exercise (While Still Enjoying Your Life!) (interview with Claire Gregory of The Female Fitness Academy, Part 2)
1711 Changing the Way We Think About Fitness (interview with Claire Gregory of The Female Fitness Academy, Part 1)
1710 Slacker Manifesting (interview with Jeannette Maw of The Good Vibe Blog)
1709 Mindset Shifts for Staying True to You (interview with Lisa Somers of The Mindstein System, Part 2)
1708 Potential and the Entrepreneurial Mindset (interview with Lisa Somers of The Mindstein System, Part 1)
1707 How to Kick-Start Your Creativity
1706 How to Live Magically and Wash Away Resistance (interview with Brandon Olivares of Co-Creation Coaching, Part 2)
1705 Myth, Magic and Law of Attraction (interview with Brandon Olivares of Co-Creation Coaching, Part 1)
1704 Back to Basics: How to Re-Align Yourself With Your Dream
1703 Overcoming The Dark Night of the Soul
1702 3 Reasons Why You Haven’t Accomplished Your Goals
1701 10 Things to Give Up for the New Year
2015 Vibe Shifting Show Podcast Episodes
1539 How Important is Your Dream?
1538 How to Inspire Loyalty
1537 How to Use Pivoting as an Alignment Tool
1536 5 Signs You’re on the Wrong Path
1535 How to Reconnect with Your Intuition
1534 What to Do When Things Go Wrong
1533 Concentration Hacks for Getting Things Done

1532 Easy Mindfulness Techniques

1531 What it Takes to Turn Dreams into Reality

1530 What to do When it Feels Like it Will Never Happen

1529 How Do You Know What You Are Meant to Do with Your Life?
1528 How to Visualize Your Goals

1527 How to Make Exercising Easier
1526 How to Believe in Yourself
1525 How to Beat the Mid-Year Slump
1524 How to Skyrocket Your Success Rate
1523 How to Stop Doubting Yourself 
1522 How to Stop Being a Perfectionist
1521 How to Find Your Passion in Retirement
1520 How Can People Be Horrible at What They Love?
1519 How to Let Go of Attachment

1518 How to Create a Personal Advisory Board
1517 How to Stop Being Jealous
1516 Why Competition is Irrelevant

1515 How to Get Into Alignment with What You Want
1514 The Power of Your Dreams

1513 Is Resistance Crushing Your Dreams?
1512 How to Manifest a Great Relationship
1511 Exploring Theories of Reality
1510 How to Conquer Fear of Public Speaking
1509 How to Let Go and Trust the Process
1508 Harnessing the Power of Synchronicity

1507 Is Positive Thinking Bad?
1506 What is the Emotional Scale?
1505 How to Make Time Work for You
1504 The Power of Positive Psychology

1503 How to Banish Your Gremlins

1502 Stop Living for Someday!
1501 Why Are People Mean to Me?
2014 Vibe Shifting Show Podcast Episodes
1447 Why Are Strangers More Supportive Than Family?
1446 Why Do I Keep Sabotaging Myself?

1445 What to Do When You Can’t Decide What to Do
1444 Are You Addicted to Worrying?
1443 Relationships and Law of Attraction
1442 How to Heal Old Wounds
1441 30 Day Massive Action Dream-Building Challenge
1440 How Badly Do You Want It?
1439 Creating Your Annual Action Plan
1438 Rekindle Your Determination to Succeed
1437 How to Boost Creativity
1436 How to Create Wicked-Awesome Vision Boards
1435 Dealing With Difficult Family Members
1434 Creating Order From Chaos
1433 How to Stop Negativity Spirals
1432 LOA Job Interview Tips
1431 The Journey, the Process & the Dance of Life
1430 Are Your Fears Really Yours?
1429 How to Eliminate Resistance
1428 Energy Shifts and Law of Attraction
1427 What to do When You Hate Your Job
1426 Is it Wrong to Follow Your Passion?
1425 The Power of Looking for Evidence
1424 Get Out of the Parking Lot!
1423 Law of Attraction in a Nutshell
1422 Public Speaking Tips for Life
1421 Go Big or Go Home
1420 How to Handle a Major Upheaval
1419 The Best That You Can Be
1418 The Importance of Doing
1417 Coping with Workplace Bullying
1416 How to Build Your Tribe
1415 The Right Kind of Relationships
1414 Dealing With Disapproval
1413 Finding Your Truth
1412 Choosing Optimism
1411 The Science Behind Visualization
1410 Working Backwards to Achieve Your Dream
1409 Are You Afraid to Succeed?
1408 Coping with Worrying
1407 Failure is Part of the Process
1406 Guiding Life Principles
1405 The Alternative to Willpower
1404 What is Your Path in Life?
1403 Who Are You Really?
1402 Why the Attitude of Gratitude
1401 Living Your Dream in 2014

1309 Taking Consistent Action

If you have a dream – something you really want to achieve, you need to be willing to do something to get it. Sitting around thinking happy thoughts about it is incredibly helpful in getting you into the right vibrational alignment with your dream, but it’s not...

1704 Back to Basics: How to Re-Align Yourself With Your Dream

Today we are talking about going back to basics. Not in the back-to-school reading, writing and arithmetic sense, but it the sense of shaking off all the accumulated layers of confusion and frustration that tarnish our dreams over time, slowing down our momentum and...

1307 Vibrational Matching

In today’s podcast episode we talk about the critical LOA concept of vibrational matching. If you’ve ever been in a situation where you’ve been struggling to achieve a goal, you’ll definitely want to tune in to this one as I cover what it means to be a vibrational...

1412 Choosing Optimism

I recently read two very different books that really had an impact on me and made me realize the importance of choosing optimism in our lives. One was a fictional novel that focused on the problem of global overpopulation. It was very pessimistic, very dark and very...

1401 Living Your Dream in 2014

Today’s show is all about living your dream in 2014! More importantly, it’s about all the reasons why that dream of yours is so important and why you should be making it a priority over the coming year. In the last few blog posts, I’ve talked about year-end reviews...

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