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The New Year is off to a running start, and I know you want to keep that momentum going so that you can make this the year your biggest dreams become your reality! With that in mind, these awesome authors have teamed together with the folks over at Instafreebie to create this fourteen-book giveaway to help you generate rock-star success in both life and business.

As we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same ~Marianne Williamson

Our theme for this giveaway is “Your Year to Shine”… because when you shine your light, it helps to make the whole world brighter. And in our belief that helping each other helps us all, these books are being made available for free for a limited time. You can grab them all or pick and choose just the ones you want.

Check out our fourteen free business and success books below and click on the covers to go to each book’s download page!

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The Joy of Less

by Cary David Richards

Overwhelmed and exhausted, we tend to hit the ground running every morning without much thought to what exactly we are doing or why we’re doing it. Phone calls, texts, e-mails, Kids sports and yoga classes. It’s all a blur of activity and deadlines. Are these activities meaningful to you? Are they contributing to your joy and serenity or is the mindless rushing about simply a way of not thinking about what’s really important?

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Young, Creative and Overwhelmed

by Roswitha Herman

All of us are powerful, but we’re told we need to confine that power into a small box. We’re told to follow the rules, we’re told to do what others do and play it safe. This book is here to shutter the boxes and let all the powerful women be, do and have what they deserve. Unapologetically.

This book is for every person that wants to:

  • get clear about THEIR desires (not what the society, parents, friends, partners want from you)
  • find THEIR why (their why is the fire that will keep burning until their desires are accomplished)
  • figuring out what stops you from achieving what you want (limitations, self-sabotages)
  • learn how to love themselves more
  • learn how to focus (this book teaches the INaction concept)

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Transform Cold Clicks into Raving Readers

by Victoria Pinder

Find out how to set up your newsletter so you have positive growth using an automated sequence.

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The #ArtOfTwitter

by Daniel Parsons

In The #ArtOfTwitter, fantasy writer and Twitter coach Daniel Parsons explains how he grew a 90,000 strong army of loyal followers and gained real-world influence as an indie author. Breaking his tactics into short chapters and simple, actionable steps, he demonstrates exactly how any creative professional can achieve similar results.

Whether you’re a writer, artist, musician, or any other creative professional, The #ArtOfTwitter will show you how to:

  • Understand the changing world of social media
  • Avoid common mistakes
  • Grow your popularity without being suspended
  • Gain a bigger audience by using hashtags
  • Build strong relationships with your followers
  • Nurture follower engagement
  • Save time with Twitter apps
  • Implement a strategy for sustained growth
  • Make money with Twitter ads
  • Ensure every tweet is a hit
  • Get real-world influence

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Writing for Children and Young Adults

by Alice Kuipers

Maybe you’re a young adult author at heart. Perhaps inside you, you have brilliant book for middle grade readers, but you’ve been attempting a picture book instead. Writing For Children and Young Adults is an in depth look the many possibilities for writers for young people. Through exercises at the end of each chapter, you’ll move into exploring character, structure, style and then publishing. So. Much. Fun!

Alice Kuipers has published several YA novels (HarperCollins) and two picture books (Little Brown Books for Young Readers), and she has a chapter book series too (Chronicle Press).

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Unlocking the Truth

by Matt Aubert

This book is packed with practical and proven ways that will inspire you to rethink how to develop a successful mindset and live a fulfilling life.

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The Sorites Principle: How to harness the power of perseverance (Worksheets)

by Ian Gibbs

Whether or not you’ve read The Sorites Principle: How to harness the power of perseverance, these Worksheets, a set of activities that are designed to help and encourage you to apply the Sorites Principle, along with a brief explanation of the principles behind them, will help you to work towards your life goals and start achieving your dreams today.

The Sorites Principle: How to harness the power of perseverance is a powerful unification of tips, tricks and techniques on how to achieve great things via small efforts. So, do you want to lose weight, learn a new language, become a film director or just keep your home neat and tidy? Then the Sorites Principle is just what you need.

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What Next? How to Enjoy Success, Beat Indecision, and Take Action Towards Your Future Goals

by Diana Fitts

From changing the vocabulary surrounding your goals, to throwing your excuses out the window, What Next? will teach you strategies for shifting your mindset surrounding your goals so that they are motivating and rewarding, as opposed to overbearing and paralyzing.

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The Achievement Protocol

by Dennis Houchin

Easy to use guide that shows you how actually achieve the goals that will bring lasting fulfillment to your life.
  • Learn the 4 steps to achieve success doing what you LOVE
  • Learn to use Visions, Missions, and Projects for inner fulfillment
  • Learn what causes stress and how to control it
  • Learn what every successful person before you has discovered
  • Learn how to identify, pursue, and achieve your purpose
  • Learn which common and unnecessary fears contribute to failure
  • Learn how to overcome the obstacles you will encounter
  • Learn how to stay motivated and energized on your path
  • Learn how to live a fulfilling life even BEFORE fulfilling your goal

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French Women’s Confidence Secrets

by Margaretha Montagu

French women are famous for their effortless elegance, their irresistible charm and their unshakable self-confidence.

In my book, French Women’s Confidence Secrets, twelve of my closest French friends share their confidence secrets with you. As you share these women’s joys and sorrows, you will discover how they remain unconditionally self-confident, serenely sophisticated and perfectly poised no matter how challenging the situations are that they find themselves in. To each story, I have added my extensive knowledge and experience, with practical suggestions to help you incorporate each of these potentially life-changing strategies into your own life.

This 25-page preview (20% of the book) focuses on creating or re-creating your identity to empower you to handle unavoidable change and current challenges from a position of strength because “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw

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From Zero to Hero

by Esmaeel Akther

This book is not just a 10 day guide to overcome your fear of Public Speaking but also the beginning of your journey to share your thoughts and ideas with confidence, clarity and conviction.

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Pocketful of Thank You

by Maria McMahon

What if you realized that by expressing gratitude for everything you DO have right now, you could open the floodgates for more good things to flow into your life? In this book you will delight in finding:

  • 9 key areas to more joy, harmony, health, wealth and happiness. These steps are easy for anyone to follow
  • 7 Techniques to fill your pocket to overflowing with gratitude
  • 20 simple ways to practice gratitude
  • 17 beautiful, inspirational Quotes
  • 22 contributions from people who wanted to share their thoughts on gratitude with you
  • One full 46 Minute Cogni-Fusion MP3 to help you embed the importance of gratitude into your subconscious, so you will start to practice gratitude both consciously and subconsciously… and very soon, it’ll be on autopilot.

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30 Days of Focus

by Raza Imam

In this short book, you will discover how to ruthlessly pursue your goals by forging an unbreakable sense of focus and concentration.

You’ll discover simple, actionable, quick steps you can take to maximize your focus. In fact, we’ve created a 30-day plan for our focus-boosting system.

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Mind Shifting

by Nathalie Thompson

If you’re tired of working hard with little or no return on your efforts — if it seems like no matter what you do or how much you try your dreams are always out of reach, then Mind Shifting is for you. You will discover:

  • The subconscious belief you have that creates an “abundance allergy” (and what you can do about it).
  • The easily overlooked, every-day habits you’re doing right now that actually repel success (and five strategies for overcoming them).
  • The automated mental scripts you don’t even realize you’re running that make it impossible for you to get what you want (and how to reprogram your mind for unbeatable confidence and rock-star achievement rates).

Your biggest dreams really can be yours, if you’re ready to make a mind shift…

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