Stop Living for Someday!Are you putting things that you really want to do off for “someday”? Do you find yourself counting down the days to your next vacation, or until retirement? Is everything you want most in life on hold until some magical day in the distant future? Maybe it’s time to ask yourself why… and maybe it’s time to stop living for someday and start living your life… now.


As human beings, we have this bizarre tendency to construct these mind traps for ourselves where we can’t even conceive of the possibility that happiness is something that can be had in our current existence. Joy, excitement, and fulfillment are things we figure we’ll get to experience “someday”, and we get these blinders on so tightly that we don’t even stop to think that things could be any different than they are.

Worse still, we get so angry and so hostile when somebody comes along and has the audacity to tell us that things could, in fact, be different; that we have the ability to choose a different experience if we would just reach up and take the blinders off. Most people won’t do it. Most people are so convinced that happiness in their current life and in work is impossible. They’d rather be certain they’re miserable than take a risk on being happy. And they cover up that fear with anger.

But the real truth of the matter is that putting off your happiness for “someday” will never work because “someday” never comes. We only ever live in the now. And when that magical retirement date arrives, it becomes “now”. And we are so conditioned to believe that we need to sacrifice and suffer in the now, that even when that day arrives, we’ll find ways to avoid letting ourselves enjoy it anyway – because “now” that we’re retired, we no longer have the kind of income we once had, so better not do those things because of the cost, for instance.

The only way to create a life you love is to live it in the now. Right now. Be happy NOW. Don’t put it off for someday, because “someday” is always in the future… it never happens. Stop living for someday, and don’t waste your life being unhappy. Figure out what moves you, what makes your heart sing… and go do it, in your now, in any way that you can, in any pockets of time you can find. Create a life that you don’t need to escape from and live it now.

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