Easy Mindfulness Techniques - Pinterest pinToday we’re talking about easy mindfulness techniques that you can implement in your everyday life for a calmer, less stressful existence.


One of the best things that we can do to help us to maintain balance and achieve alignment with what we want in life is the practice of mindfulness, but figuring out how to actually achieve that in busy lives that are always over-scheduled and on-the-go can sometimes be difficult.

We know that mindfulness can help us with a whole lot: it can help us to decrease anxiety and stress; help us find clarity and direction; still all those constantly chattering voices of our inner critics; and reconnect with our own inner wisdom and guidance. So it’s important to find ways to work it into our daily lives, even when (especially when!) we’re busy and stressed-out.

In today’s podcast episode, we go over three incredibly simple and easy mindfulness techniques that you can use, in whatever little pockets of time you can find within your day, to help you reap all it’s wonderful benefits without adding to your already endless “to-do” list.

The most important thing to realize about mindfulness, of course, is that it doesn’t have to be complicated. Mindfulness is meant to help you – not make your life more stressful. In other words, if sitting in lotus position and meditating for half an hour at a time doesn’t appeal to you, then find something else, instead!

The best thing that you can do to help yourself become more mindful is to find something simple that just feels right to you – little techniques that you actually enjoy doing, and which “fit” with both your lifestyle and your personality.

And as always, if you’ve got a fabulous, easy mindfulness technique that we didn’t discuss on the show, be sure to leave a comment and let me know what it is!

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