Irish songs for St. Patrick's Day

Nothing says St. Patrick’s Day like great Irish songs!

Having just finished a series of serious blog posts on goal setting, I figured I’m due for a nice “just for fun” post, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Yes, ’tis the season once again for all things green and Irish! And nothing says “St. Patrick’s Day” to me like great toe-tapping Irish¬†songs that make me want to dance and sing. (And if most of the great Irish songs I love happen to fall into the category of “drinking songs”, well I’ll just let you draw your own conclusions from that… ūüėČ )

In all honesty, I¬†actually don’t¬†drink much, but even without the green beer, I will say that part of keeping yourself aligned with your goals, and with higher vibrational energies in general,¬†is knowing when to just let go;¬†knowing when to¬†let yourself enjoy being in the moment without worrying about to-do lists or anything¬†else,¬†and just be yourself and¬†have fun! So, take some¬†time this weekend¬†to relax and enjoy your¬†life; it’s an important¬†tool in keeping ourselves healthy and happy and you’ll find that when you give yourself¬†regular doses of¬†fun vibe-shifting boosts everything else, including those nagging¬†“to-do” items and any goals you have created for yourself,¬†tends to fall into place that much more easily.

So, just for fun, and in honour of St. Patrick’s Day and all things green and Irish,¬†please check out my list of Celtic-inspired Irish songs below. And if so inclined, just click on the playlist¬†to listen to all the songs through my YouTube playist! And as always, if you have a favourite that isn’t listed here, feel free to leave a post in the comment section below and let me know what I’m missing…

Weekend Playlist #2: Go Green or Go Home!

  1. Lilly the Pink – The Irish Rovers
  2. The Old Black Rum – Great Big Sea
  3. Danny Boy – John McDermott
  4. When Irish Eyes are Smiling РBing Crosby
  5. Run Runaway – Great Big sea
  6. Billy Peddle – Great Big Sea
  7. Black Velvet Band – Irish Rovers
  8. Home For a Rest – Spirit of the West
  9. Whiskey in the Jar – The Dubliners
  10. Irish Lullaby – Sarah Moore

(And yes, I realize there’s a few Great Big Sea songs in there. But that’s because Great Big Sea are completely and totally awesome. If for some strange reason you haven’t come across them yet, you should definitely go check them out!)

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