What Makes a Life Extraordinary - Pinterest pinOne of the comments I sometimes get from people when they see the title of my new book (fearLESS: How to Conquer Your Fear, Stop Playing Small, and Start Living an Extraordinary Life You Love) is that they don’t really want an extraordinary life. They just want to have enough to be comfortable.

I always find it strange. Because for them, “having enough to be comfortable” would be their concept of an extraordinary life. More importantly, when people tell me they don’t want an extraordinary life, I have to wonder why that is. Why do so many people associate “extraordinary” with “selfish”?

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I think there’s an underlying issue with self-worth in this. If you “don’t want” an extraordinary life, it’s usually a cover for an underlying belief that you don’t deserve to have that kind of life. Now why would you think that? Why shouldn’t you deserve something extraordinary?

Here’s the thing… your version of “extraordinary” is just this: it’s your dream. That thing that you’ve got clutched close to your heart, that secret dream or desire that you keep deep inside of you, that longing to create something different, something better for yourself – that is your extraordinary.

And you are deserving of that just by virtue of that fact that you are here and that that desire is in your heart. Your dream is your gift to the world. It’s the unique spark of magic that you came here to contribute, and the only way that you can give that gift and add that sparkle to the tapestry of All That Is, is to draw that dream forth into reality; to create in your actual life what currently only exists in your mind. In order to share your gift, you must build your extraordinary life. But what makes a life extraordinary?

The key here is that the criteria for what constitutes an extraordinary life are different for everyone. What would be extraordinary for me might not be for you. We all want different things in life, and that’s a good thing – what a dull and boring world it would be if we all wanted to do, have, and be the same things. Diversity just adds to the beauty of the greater whole. It adds to the fascination factor of our existence here.

So go ahead and create your version of extraordinary. No one else has your particular vision, perspective and flair, so if you don’t add your contribution to this world, it will always be missing. There is no one else who can create exactly what you can.

photo credit: pixabay.com cc (modified by me)

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