achieving your goals with LOA: nothing is impossible

Turn the impossible into the possible!

Today’s podcast episode is all about achieving your goals with LOA. In this episode, I talk about Law of Attraction based strategies to help you make your dreams come true by moving them out the ethereal realm of possibility and into the concrete realm of reality! I’m very excited about this episode because in it, I go through five strategies that I use myself, with great success, to keep myself motivated and moving forward on my own goals. These five strategies will keep you accountable and dedicated to achieving whatever goals you have for yourself! And here’s the best part: they are so easy and even fun to use. 🙂

I absolutely love it when people start talking to me about their hopes and dreams because they become so alive when they start talking about all the possibilities and plans they have, and their enthusiasm and sparkle is contagious. Everyone around can feel the energy when someone is passionate and excited about a goal they have for themselves. And it’s so wonderful to see. But, all too often, what happens is that doubts start to crop up, and people forget about the amazing dream and focus instead on the doubts… and the fears… and the obstacles. And soon that’s all they can see. That wonderful sparkle just fizzles out in a defeated “yes, but…”

And they let that be the end of their dream. And it’s so sad, because our dreams are what make us who we are. Our dreams are unique — no two people will have the exact same dream — even if they want the same thing, they will want it in different ways, move towards it in different ways, and manifest it with their own unique imprint, colour and flavour.

Don’t turn your life into something you’ve settled for! Don’t give up on a goal you’ve set for yourself just because of doubt and fear. Click the play button below and start making those dreams come true…


photo credit: morberg via photopin cc

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