5 steps for getting past your doubtsDoubt is a normal part of the process when we start working towards our dreams. Everyone feels doubt, but getting past your doubts is critical to getting anywhere in life. Unfortunately, figuring out how, exactly, to conquer those doubts is sometimes easier said than done. Because doubts can be powerful, frightening things that make us question everything about ourselves, our decisions and our dreams themselves. Which is why finding effective techniques to overcome those doubts is so important.

The thing is, all of those big, scary doubts that we have – and we all have them — are really just like monsters under the bed. They’re smoke and mirrors and when we can see past the illusions they seem to be, when we can see them for what they really are, we realize they’re not as big and scary as we thought they were. They seem bigger and more frightening because they’re mostly hidden in our minds… we’re aware that they’re there, but they’re always in shadows and we’re never really clear about what they actually are or where they came from. And it’s this unknown factor that makes these doubts seem so much worse. It’s like hearing that noise in the dark… you’re not sure what it was and your fear-fueled imagination takes over, conjuring up all sorts of bogeymen lurking in every corner.

Five steps to getting past your doubts

The key to getting past your doubts is to find ways of bringing these half-hidden fears into the open and shining a light onto them so you can really see them for what they are. So that you can understand that they are nothing that you can’t easily handle… so that you can finally shake off their grip and realize that they have no power over you.

And to help you to do just that, in today’s podcast episode I’m going to share a five step process for shining that light, shattering those scary illusions, and getting past your doubts once and for all. Just click on the play button below to get all the details…


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