How to Stop Doubting Yourself - Pinterest pinToday we’re talking about how to stop doubting yourself when you’re working towards your big dreams. Doubt is something that all of us deal with, usually on an ongoing basis. It’s something that we need to face over and over again because as we clear up old doubts, new ones have a tendency to start surfacing. That’s just the way it is sometimes.


The way to get through those doubts is to find strategies to help you cope with them so that they no longer have the power to make you drop your dreams and head for the safety of the flock. In today’s podcast episode I share a five-step method for turning your doubts and fears about the worst things that could happen into stepping stones to greater things. This is a process for bringing each doubt or fear that you have out of the shadows of your own mind and into the light of day so that you can see them clearly for what they are and then find ways of working through them.

When you can take a clear, objective look at your own fears and doubts, you begin to realize that they’re not as bad as you thought they were. They just seem bigger or more frightening than they actually are when you refuse to deal with them head-on. When that happens, they stay lurking around the edges of your conscious mind and appear to be more powerful than they really are.

Everyone deals with fear and self-doubt on the journey to their dreams. But the thing that differentiates successful people from those who aren’t is that the successful ones feel the fear but do not allow it to control them or their direction in life. They acknowledged the fear, but they find ways to work through it and remain focused on their goals…

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