Coping with Worrying

Today on the Vibe Shifting Show we’re talking about worrying – how to tell if worrying is a problem or not, and we’re also going to go over several strategies for coping with worrying. On the one hand, worrying isn’t always a bad thing because it can keep you alert and on your toes; it can act as a catalyst that spurs you into action and help you avoid negative situations. On the other hand, however, too much worrying can really do a number on your both your mental and physical health. Today’s podcast episode is all about knowing where to draw the line between helpful and harmful worrying and figuring out how to cope with a worry habit.

The first thing to understand when it comes to worrying is that if it helps you to accomplish something and then subsides again once the problem at hand has been dealt with, it’s not a bad thing. But if you’re constantly in worry mode, always thinking about worst-case scenarios and chronically anxious about all the bad thoughts you’re spinning, then this is a bad thing. How can you possible feel good about life or feel like you can accomplish anything worthwhile if you’re always thinking about what might go wrong?

Luckily, worrying is just another mental habit. And habits can be changed. It’s just a matter of shifting your thoughts. So with that in mind, listen in to today’s episode as I share five effective strategies for coping with worrying that you can start using today to help kick that worry habit!


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