Finding Your TruthThe more I dig into philosophy and self-development, the more I realize that finding your truth is something we all have to figure out for ourselves. I think that religion and philosophy and all the self-help experts out there are trying to find ways to explain a deeper reality; one that we all instinctively feel is there, but which we don’t really know how to access. But I’m not sure that there is any one overriding Truth with a capital “T” that any of these sources are going to magically reveal for us.

What I am saying is that, because everything in our experience is filtered through the lens of our Self, it’s important to understand that there are as many different versions of Truth out there as there are people. Even those experts who seem so wise are presenting you with their opinions and interpretations of how things work. That’s all they can do. And all that you can do is to work with the information you find and figure out what makes sense for you amidst all the interpretations and opinion you come across out there on your path. Finding your truth means finding the little bits of information and illumination that work for you.

So just take what you need and leave the rest. Find the pieces that fit with your own common sense, but understand that there are many views and interpretations, and that there is room for all. And remember most of all that you are the best judge of what is most useful for your own personal journey.  Don’t let anyone else tell you what you should be thinking, and don’t let anyone else determine your own truth for you. Choose to think for yourself and you will find your way. As always, the greatest wisdom comes from within.


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