What Makes Something Meaningful - Pinterest pinWhat makes something meaningful to you, and why is important to know the answer to that question? Some of the worst experiences I’ve ever had in my working life came in jobs where I could not find the meaning in what I was doing. I saw no greater purpose or benefit to what I was involved in – I couldn’t see how my job mattered, on any level. And those jobs were sheer and utter hell. They paid well, but I was utterly miserable.

Why meaning is important

The thing about meaning is that it’s what gets us out of bed every morning. It’s what gives us the energy and ambition to succeed in our endeavors and become the very best version of ourselves that we can be. Learning to understand what is meaningful to us is crucial to being able to build our dreams, because without knowing what truly matters to us, how will we know what to do with our lives?

Without knowing what truly matters to us, how can we know what to do with our lives? Click To Tweet

This is why I tell my clients that the most important exercise that they will ever do is to connect with their “why” – the real core of what it is that they want to achieve in life.

Meaning not only gives us a reason – a why –for what we’re doing, it’s a sign post telling us what we’re supposed to be doing, too. It’s inseparably intertwined with that whole concept of passion and purpose; you can’t know what your purpose in life is if you don’t know what makes life meaningful for you.

What makes something meaningful?

Meaning, however, is a completely subjective thing. What is meaningful to me is not necessarily what is meaningful to you. This is why we’re all on our own paths, and why all paths are different.

We create the meaning in our lives. It does not exist independently. ~J. Michael Straczynski

This is why it’s important to keep our eyes and ears open every day and to pay attention to all the avenues and channels through which the Universe and our internal wisdom speak to us. When something is meaningful to you, it will resonate with you on a deep level. It will just “feel right” to you.

How to find your meaning in life

To find what is meaningful to you, gather the words that speak to you, wherever you may find them. These are your treasures. They are the puzzle pieces to your truth.

Remember that the Universe rarely communicates in flashing neon signs, marching bands and obvious stuff, but rather in subtle ways designed to be noticed just by you. This means the things that help you to understand what is most meaningful to you will be found all around you, and sometimes in the strangest ways.

Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning. ~Maya Angelou

I find nuggets of truth in television shows and movie scripts, in books of all genres, in random posts on Twitter and Facebook, and in overheard conversations while sitting in coffee shops. I find great wisdom in urban graffiti, in song lyrics, and in the words of toddlers.

Whenever I find things that speak to me, I listen. Because I’ve learned that this is one of the channels through which the Universe communicates best with me.

To find what is meaningful to you, gather the words that speak to you, wherever you may find them. Click To Tweet

Pay attention to what resonates

I don’t care if people think the words that matter to me are clichéd. I don’t care if they scoff because it’s “just a dumb pop song”, or because it’s “just a kid” who said it. When something resonates with me, I pay attention and add those puzzle pieces to my personal treasure chest because they’re important in helping me to figure out how this whole crazy thing called Life actually works; they help me to find my meaning.

Because the thing is it doesn’t matter what other people think or say – if something resonates with you, it was meant for you to find. The things that speak to you, whether those words or concepts come to you in the form of greeting cards or scripture, are the things that are trying to draw your attention to what is meaningful to you.

And those are the things that will keep you on track to achieving your goals and building your dreams. They are your compass, your guardians, your guide posts, your direction and your path.

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