how to drop old stories and break the chains

Break the chains of the past by dropping your old stories.

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you’ve been stuck in an event from the past, unable to let it go, and unable to move on with your life because of it, you know first-hand that learning how to drop old stories from your thoughts is critically important for peace of mind.

Law of Attraction teaches us that like attracts like, so when we focus on events from the past, we not only remain stuck there, but we actually make it impossible to create any new stories in the future. By rehashing negative events over and over and over again, we keep our vibrational energy in that low zone, and consistently attract more and more into our lives that we can feel negative about. If we want to be able to move forward and create a better future for ourselves, we need to figure out how to drop old stories from our lives, letting them go once-and-for-all, so that we can write the next, and brighter, chapter.

This is especially important where situations from the past may have been such overwhelming, traumatic and life-changing events that letting them go seems impossibly hard; because all too often, when we attach to these negative, life-altering events, we unwittingly allow them to become the defining factors in our personalities, our behaviours, and by extension, our lives. In effect, we start to identify our selves with the negative events of our past.

But we are not our past. And if we ever want to be able to create that brighter future we dream of, free of the bonds of that past, we need to let it go. We need to break those chains, and stop re-reading those old chapters so that we can focus on creating the life we really want. And it all starts, one moment at time, by choosing the better feeling thoughts and letting the old stories go.

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