Four tell-tale signs that you're afraid of successLast week we talked about the idea of being afraid of success. Sometimes people are more afraid of actually achieving their big dreams and goals than they are of failing to achieve them.

We’ve also been talking recently about how your beliefs and expectations affect how you perceive and experience the world around you. When you believe that the world is a bad, scary place, that’s what you’ll end up creating for yourself. If you believe that the world is full of wonder and opportunity, that’s what you’ll end up creating for yourself.

Subconscious beliefs matter

It’s important to note that it’s not just your conscious beliefs that have this effect. In fact, your subconscious beliefs and expectations can have an even bigger effect on your ability to succeed with building your dreams and goals. And this is where a lot of the problems people have with this whole fear of success thing actually come from.

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As we said last week, on the surface, the concept of being afraid of success is really counter-intuitive, because, really, don’t we all want to be successful with our goals? But fear of success is usually rooted in those subconscious beliefs and expectations that we’re not usually aware that we even have.

The tell-tale signs

Often, we only realize that we’re afraid of success when we take the time to stop and analyze why we’re not making the kind of progress we want. If you’ve got big dreams that just never seem to go anywhere, then fear of success may very well be what’s holding you back.

But how can you tell if that’s what you’re really dealing with? Check out this week’s vlog to learn four tell-tale signs that might mean you’re afraid of success in your own life.

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