Three Procrastination Busting Strategies to Help You SucceedWhat do you do when you know you’ve got to get stuff done, but you just can’t seem to make yourself do it? You know that action is critical to success of any kind, but sometimes you just fall into those funks where you find yourself avoiding the things that will bring you closer to that very success. In today’s vlog post, we’re talking about procrastination busting strategies to help you stop putting off those “gotta do” items, and get back to the business of building your dreams.

Don’t feel bad if you’re stuck in a procrastination funk. They happen to all of us on the way to our dreams. And sometimes we need that downtime to recharge ourselves so that we can keep going. The key is to make sure you don’t get stuck in slug-mode for too long, because then it becomes a habit — the more time you spend NOT doing, the harder it is to start doing again.

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Today’s techniques are designed to help you get back on track when you know you’ve been procrastinating too long and you want to start moving forward again, but are having problems motivating yourself to do it. There are lots of techniques out there that you can use to shake yourself into action-mode when you’re stuck in that kind of rut, and today I’m sharing three of my personal favourites. These are techniques that I use when I get stuck in procrastination-mode, and I hope they’ll help you, too!

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If you have a procrastination busting strategy that you love to use, be sure to share it below — I’d love to hear your favourite techniques  for getting stuff done!

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