Sunshine and Tax SeasonIt’s Gratitude Tuesday here on Vibe Shifting and this week was all about sunshine and tax season for me. (Yes, I actually found a way to be grateful for tax season, but that mostly has to do with my accountant. OK it all has to do with my accountant. I am so grateful for fact that I have an accountant to do my taxes for me. Really takes a huge weight off.  But I’m getting ahead of myself…)

This week I am grateful for:

1.  Heat! I am SO grateful for all the sunshine and mild weather we had over the week. I got a sunburn. OK, I’m not so much thankful for that part, but I am so very appreciative of the fact that it was actually warm enough that I was able to be outside long enough to get sunburned! Finally… spring appears to have sprung in Canada! I filled up the sandbox for the kids and they had a blast, playing outside for most of the day. (They did not get sunburned… I was diligent enough to make sure they were wearing sunhats but just didn’t think to put one on myself.)

2. My accountant. It’s tax season, and I loathe tax season. It’s such a pain. And I put it off to the last possible moment pretty much every year. And I’m really not a numbers kind of girl anyway — words I love, but I’ve never played nicely with numbers. I remember back in my university days when I was happily researching and writing philosophy essays, my astrophysicist roommate would look at me in horror and ask me how I could stand having all these assignments with no clear-cut right or wrong answers. But I couldn’t understand how she could stand having all those calculus assignments where there was only one right answer and no big ideas to ponder.

Which brings me back to my accountant; I hate doing taxes and I am SO grateful that there is someone out there who actually seem to enjoy that sort of thing because I can just pay him to do it for me and he always manages to get me a bigger refund that what I pay him anyways. And that, boys and girls, is what we call a “win-win” situation. Although I still think I get the better deal because I don’t have to do my taxes and I get a refund (happy dance!) 😉

3. Focus. I think the few days off that I took a couple of weeks ago really were exactly what I needed. The change of scenery and change of pace was wonderful, and taking the time to go do something fun and frivolous was really re-energizing. It’s funny how the biggest insights we gain sometimes come from the most unexpected sources. I am so grateful for the focus, clarity and renewed sense of purpose that I found through the concert I attended while on my mini-holiday.

So those are the top three things I’m most grateful for this week, including sunshine and tax season. If you’d like to participate in the Vibe Shifting weekly Gratitude Tuesday practice, all you have to do is post something you’re honestly grateful or appreciative of that happened to you over the past week! You can leave a comment below, Tweet it to me @VibeShifting using hashtag #GratiTuesday or #GratitudeTuesday, or post a comment to my Facebook page to share your thoughts.

photo credit: LendingMemo via photopin cc

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