ripple effect

The ripple effects resulting from our actions can go further than we can imagine.

I had an experience recently that made me think about the ripple effect and about how none of us every really knows how far our actions reach, who they affect, and how. Something that might seem so small to you can have a really big impact in someone else’s life, and you might never even know it. It’s a concept that fills me with awe, and really does make me want to think twice about what I do and how I act and react towards people.

Every action of our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity. ~ Edwin Hubbel Chapin

Here’s what happened: I found a mysterious package in my mailbox. It was addressed to me, but I hadn’t ordered anything, so what could it be? I opened it up and inside was a beautiful handcrafted leather journal, personalized with my initials and stamped with a lovely design of a tree and birds and the following words:  “Believe you can and you’re already there”. Tucked inside this beautiful journal was a little note that said “This is your time to fly. You’re going to mend broken spirits by encouraging and inspiring them. But mostly, you’re giving hope to those who have lost it along this rocky road called life. You do that for me every day. Now go and move those mountains”.

will there be a ripple effect from this journal?

My beautiful new journal.

It was a gift from a friend, one of the few people I know whom I’ve actually told about this site. We met online when she contacted me about advertising my jewelry business on her blog site, a site dedicated to Post-Partum Depression, mental health and motherhood. She had read on my site that partial proceeds from my sales were donated to a local mental health charity and she wanted to help out. Her name is Kim, and she’s an awesome woman, with the inner strength of a warrior and soul of a poet. She inspires not only me, but thousands of women around the world, with her indomitable spirit, vibrant personality, and very funny sarcastic wit.

And here she had sent me this beautiful gift to say I was inspiring her… and it made me cry.

The Vibe Shifting Ripple Effect?

When I started Vibe Shifting, I never gave any thought to the ripple effect. I started this blog as a way of helping myself work out my understanding of the principles behind the Law of Attraction, especially in relation to the area of mental health; and, while I had hoped that posting my articles would be helpful to other people on the same journey, bringing them encouragement and inspiration to keep going, it never occurred to me that I could have that much of an impact on anyone. This experience, however, showed me that none of us can ever know how far our actions will reach.

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples. ~Mother Teresa

I don’t think Kim has any idea what this journal, and more importantly, her note mean to me. She doesn’t know that when I feel sad, or hear that voice of doubt in my mind start to question the direction I’ve chosen for myself, I look at the words printed on that beautiful journal, and I take out her note and read it. And I am reminded to keep on believing in myself and my dreams; I am reminded to keep moving forward and moving those mountains; and I am reminded that what I’m doing really is making a difference.

And I wonder about the ripple effect that may result from this one small journal; Kim sent it to me, and I use it to keep myself inspired to keep writing this blog… but neither of us has any way of knowing what happens further out. Could there be someone out there, reading my blog right now, who will find their own inspiration within these words? Will they be inspired to act in a way that will, in turn, inspire another? How far will it go? I wonder if it’s possible that the ripple effect resulting from this will travel ever outward, affecting people we’ve never met, and changing lives in places we’ve never been.

It’s a thought that makes me smile. And want to keep writing even more. 🙂

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