podcast episode 1302 vision board exercise

Your emotions affect your ability to achieve your goals!

Did you know that the way you feel about your goals has a direct impact on whether or not you’ll achieve those goals? If you approach a goal from a negative mindset of fear or desperation, you are far less likely to be able to achieve what you’ve set out to do because the energy of fear and desperation that you’re sending out into the Universe is what comes rebounding back to you, bringing you more and more situations that will cause you to feel those same emotions.

If you approach a goal with a sense of excitement and joy, however, those are the feelings and the energy signatures that you send out into the Universe and those are the things that will come back to you; the Universe will line up more and more situations that bring you that sense of excitement and joy. Which in turn, makes it much more likely that you are going to achieve your goals (because most people associate success with those positive feelings rather than with negative feelings)!

But how do you keep your vibrational energy high with respect to your goals, especially if it’s a longer term goal that might take some time for you achieve? Tune in to my very first podcast episode as I discuss all of this and also talk about one of my favourite vibe shifting tools that you can use to help keep yourself focused on achieving your own goals!


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