podcast episode 1302 goal oriented vision board exercise

Listen in for detailed instructions on how to create your own goal oriented vision board!

In last week’s podcast episode, I talked about how your emotions affect your ability to achieve your goals and I talked about how I use a goal oriented vision board to help me keep my own vibrational energy level high with respect to my own goals because it’s a great way to help me stay focused and motivated to achieve everything I’ve set out to do. As promised, in this week’s episode I go into details on how you can create your very own goal oriented vision board to help you achieve your own goals!

Vision boards are such a powerful tool in the deliberate creator’s bag of tricks, it seems almost criminal that they should be so easy and so much fun to make, but they are! Tune in now to see exactly how to create a goal oriented vision board of your own, and you’ll be able to get started right away. Once you start using a vision board, you’re probably going to wonder how you ever got along without one!

Don’t forget that you can change your vision board around as your priorities change. If you find yourself going in a different direction than you’d originally planned with one of your goals, then by all means, change your board! Add new things that work for you and remove the things that don’t. Remember, it’s your vision board, and whatever you feel will help you the most in terms of staying positive and motivated towards achieving your goals is what belongs there.

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