Dealing With Negative Thoughts

Dealing with negative thoughts is critical for success.

Dealing with negative thoughts is one of those things that we all need to become experts at if we want to achieve our goals. Because if we’re working towards a big dream, but our own minds are constantly telling us it will never happen, it’s really hard to get anywhere. Luckily, a big part of dealing with negative thoughts involves nothing more than becoming aware of what we’re saying, both to ourselves and to others, throughout the day.

Learning to pay attention to the words we use in our daily conversations is really important, because those words tend to seep into our minds and become our dominant thought patterns. So if the words we use are often negative, then our thought habits become negative, too. And when we are constantly looking at the world from a negative point of view, our entire lives take on a negative cast and we start manifesting more and more things into our experience that match this negative vibe we’re giving off and making ourselves feel worse and worse. It’s a great big spiral of awfulness.

So the best thing to do is just nip all that in the bud before we get sucked into it. And the way we do that is by making it a point pay attention to the “little negative” phrases that we sprinkle our conversations with (for example: “I bet I get an F on this paper.” “I hate the way I look in that picture.” “Why is my boss always such a jerk?”), and putting a stop to them as soon as we become aware that we’re using them. When we start to shift our language away from the negative and into the positive, we shift our thought patterns, too. And when we change our thoughts… we can change our world!

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