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Today we’re talking about the power of positive psychology and what it has to do with Vibe Shifting, because all of the mindset, theory, strategies, and Law of Attraction stuff that I do around here is actually based on real psychological principles.


The quick version: Positive psychology is different than positive thinking. Positive psychology is an actual, recognized branch of psychology, with actual, real PhDs doing actual, real research in the field.

The field as a whole is an off-shoot of the humanistic psychology field (brought to us by Abraham Maslow, the “self-actualization” guy” and Carl Rogers). Humanistic psychology believes that people are basically good and that they are motivated by a desire to reach their full potential. The field was born out of a belief that the classical Freudian psychoanalytic model that was popular at the time just wasn’t cutting it (psychoanalysis takes a very pessimistic view of humanity and holds that we’re all innately irrational and aggressive).

Positive thinking sometimes gets lumped in with positive psychology, but it’s not the same thing. A lot of positive thinking people say that you need to think positive thoughts all the time, no matter what. But positive psychology stops to think about whether positive thinking is actually safe or useful in each particular circumstance (it’s not always either of those).

What I do with Vibe Shifting is heavily based on positive psychology, rather than positive thinking because, while I do believe that optimism and positivity are absolutely necessary for creating the kind of life experience we really want for ourselves, I don’t believe in turning a blind eye to real dangers, just because we “shouldn’t think about negative stuff”.

Listen in for the low-down on the power of positive psychology, what it’s all about and what I use it for in my work with Vibe Shifting!

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