Why the Attitude of Gratitude is so importantIf you’ve done any reading at all in the personal development field, which you presumably have if you’re a Vibe Shifting reader, then you’re already familiar with the concept of gratitude as a deliberate daily practice. There are all sorts of sources out there that talk about the attitude of gratitude and how important it is to building a happier life for yourself. And a natural question that a lot of people have when faced with this is whether something as seemingly insignificant as gratefulness can really have such a big impact.

If you look at this “attitude of gratitude” concept from a Law of Attraction perspective, it actually does make a lot of sense, because the main premise of LOA is that like attracts like. “As within, so without” we are told, so the idea here is that if you are honestly grateful about the good that is already present in your life you will attract more into your life to feel grateful about.

And this is a key concept, especially in those times in our lives that seem the darkest and most desperate. If we can remember in these times that there is always something to be grateful for and if we make it a point to deliberately look for those things and focus on them – rather than on the turmoil surrounding us – then the impact on our lives can be enormous. It can, in fact, be the key factor that turns entire lives around.

Gratefulness, and more specifically, the regular practice of focusing on and expressing gratitude for the good that is already present, is a powerful method for shifting a vibration that has gone badly off course back into alignment with Who You Really Are. The reason everyone talks about the attitude of gratitude is that it works, plain and simple.

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