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Turn a negative emotional situation around with the healing lessons found in LOA!

I have a wonderful guest post to share with you today, from the lovely Carole Remy (aka Mary Carol Moran)! Today’s post delves into the subject of how other people’s emotions affect our own, and how we can turn a seemingly negative interaction around by understanding the basic Law of Attraction principles behind the interaction, and the healing lessons that they offer us. Take it away, Carole! 🙂

Thanks for inviting me to write a guest post for your blog, Nathalie. Your timing is perfect, and I always love visiting and interacting with your awesome readers! *rubbing hands* Here we go!

Sometimes problems, issues, and barriers are easier to see in others than in ourselves. Make that all the time!

A while ago a friend complained to me about someone being ungrateful. The ranting continued for weeks. Gradually, I realized that the ranter could only have been triggered by something that prompted a little niggle of guilt in herself. She FELT ungrateful, and therefore she saw the quality in others.

With the ripple effect so characteristic of the Law of Attraction, the friend began to act toward me in a way that felt ungrateful to me. Aha! I felt the resentment, the anger, the disappointment and hurt, but now it felt like her actions caused these emotions in me.

Next step? I acted in a way that felt bad to me, that felt like I was disappointing someone dear. It felt like a compulsion to be hurtful!

Stepping back a pace from the chain reaction of emotions, I saw that resentment, ingratitude, disappointment and hurt, those nasty emotions I thought I had vanquished, were back for round two.

Healing Lessons #1: Realize what’s wrong

Thank you to the originator who first triggered me! Thank you so much! When we don’t even realize something is a problem, a lingering psychic wound, how can we heal it? Pulling the buried pain out of the darkness is a blessing.

The surfacing created a few months of discomfort, of not liking myself very much, of feeling less connected to my Soul. Even now, I hurt, but I’m ready at last to feel better.

Healing Lessons #2: Heal a psychic wound

How do we heal a psychic wound? That’s a huge question, and the steps will be different for each person. For me, the way back from the disappointment of feeling hurt, even abandoned, is two-fold.

The first step for me is to recognize the process. In simple terms, to write this post. Putting the words on paper helps me detach, helps me let go of anger and fill my heart with love for the wonderful friend who triggered this expansion of my consciousness. That sounds a bit too good to be true (I’m no saint!), and it isn’t consistent for me, but the more love I give, the better I feel. Feeling good feels good.

[I could put in a step where I recognize my own place in the cycle, that I attracted whatever has entered my reality. Honestly, that step feels a bit like blaming, so I’m ignoring it! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I attracted it. So what. Let’s move on.]

The second step for me is idiosyncratic as hell. I have no idea if this would work for anyone else, but right now I am finding particular comfort in small sensory pleasures. The cool water in the shower makes me relax and grin! The scent of wood smoke. Ahhh. Not meaning a product plug, but these days a spritz of L’Occitane Eau de Toilette Verveine lifts my spirits so much I have to laugh at myself. And I don’t even like perfume!

This morning I loved the feel of putting a sock on my foot. What did I tell you? Weird! I suggest you find your own idiosyncratic pleasures, and indulge. No need to tell all in a blog post, just enjoy!

Healing Lessons #3: Pay attention to what annoys you

Perhaps the most important lesson for me is to pay attention to whatever annoys me. Anything that triggers me is a reflection of something inside myself that I don’t like. It’s easiest to see this from a physical example.

If someone thinks I should color my gray hair, I smile and say I like it the way it is. NO emotional trigger. If someone looks at me like maybe I could lose a few pounds, HUGE emotional trigger. Reach for the nearest chocolate!

The inner wisdom part is a bit trickier. If I feel hurt by a person, it’s not because they hurt me. It’s because I don’t like that I acted unlovingly toward someone. Ouch. If I’m annoyed that someone moved the scissors, what has been activated is a fear of my own forgetfulness, of one day no longer being able to find things and live independently. No wonder tiny things can trigger such out of proportion responses!

Dissecting ourselves to pieces over every emotion isn’t a practical or pleasant way to live. My suggestion is a quick, glancing hmm… What does this tell me about myself? And then let go and move on.

Let me close by saying thank you again to everyone and everything that annoys me! You are beautiful, wonderful signposts on the route of my lovely and amazing life.

What are your triggers? Can you see in your own life how something that bothers you is really about an aspect of yourself that you don’t particularly like? How do you jump start yourself back to serenity? Let’s have a lively conversation in the comments! Thanks again, Nathalie, for inviting me to your awesome blog! Much love, and many hugs!

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