How to find your path in lifeIt’s the end of January and, let’s face it, a lot of those resolutions that everyone so faithfully made three weeks ago are already, in a lot of cases, long gone. (This would be one of the reasons, incidentally, why I gave up on making resolutions years ago.) And so people start feeling bad about that. And then they start getting all existentialist and wondering what the hell they’re doing with their lives and what their “purpose” is. What are they here for? What are they meant to do with their lives?

The problem with these types of questions is that they put the power outside of you. They automatically assume that your meaning or your path in life is to be found in something external. But when your focus is outside, you’re always going to find yourself drifting, and you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment and disillusionment down the road. You can’t always control what happens out there, and if you tie your sense of purpose to something that unpredictable, then you’re never going to find a sense of fulfillment, clarity or peace. These things can only be found within, by seeking your centre and tuning into your inner wisdom.

Your purpose is not in any particular career or goal (although they may be “side-effects” of your purpose). Your purpose is something much simpler and purer than that. Your purpose is simply to find what makes you happy, because what makes you happy is the Universe’s way of showing you that you are on the right path and doing what you are meant to be doing. If you use your happiness as your compass point, you can’t help but find your path in life.


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