The Right Kind of RelationshipsIn last week’s episode, I talked about how people sometimes react negatively when we start making positive changes in our lives and gave you some tips on how to deal with that kind of hostility. This week I dive into some of the other ways in which the connections we have with others can affect our abilities to achieve our goals, and why having the right kind of relationships with other people can be critical to our success or failure.

Here’s the thing: attitudes are contagious. And if we surround ourselves with people who are constantly negative, jaded, pessimistic, or mean, these attitudes and behaviours will rub off on us. But if we surround ourselves with people who are encouraging, optimistic, hopeful, and kind, then these are the attitudes and behaviours that will colour our lives.

Your thoughts affect your actions and your life. And your thoughts are affected by the people you keep company with. And this is important, because if you have a big dream or a goal that you want to achieve, then surrounding yourself with people who constantly make you feel as if that dream is silly or impossible, people who constantly make you feel bad about what you want most, then how likely are you to actually be able to achieve it? If all you hear day in and day out is how much everything sucks, of course you’re going to start feeling the same way.  And when you start giving in to that negativity, you stop working on your dream and give up in defeat… because everyone else has, so it must just be “the way things are”.

If you’re in this kind of situation, then maybe it’s time to start reconsidering the wisdom of some your connections and start focusing on building the right kind of relationships to help you grow…


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