Are You Afraid to Succeed?Did you know that being afraid to succeed is actually a very common thing? A lot of people have this fear of success, but most people aren’t aware that that’s what they’re dealing with. Being afraid to succeed is almost always an unconscious thing, caused by limiting beliefs about what we want in life that we often aren’t even aware that we have.

Unfortunately, these unconscious beliefs that we hold have a big impact on our ability to achieve our goals; if these beliefs conflict with our conscious dreams and goals, they almost always cause us to unconsciously sabotage our own efforts to become successful in our endeavours.

The thing is, success can be heavy. It carries a burden with it, and it means that things are going to change. If we are successful with our goals, our lives will change, and not all of those changes are going to be ones that we like. That’s just the way it is sometimes. And if our fears about the potential changes that could result from our success outweigh our belief in the benefit of those changes, then our self-protection mechanisms kick in and we just won’t allow ourselves to be successful. And the bigger the dream or the goal (and therefore the bigger the potential changes), the bigger this effect is likely to be.

In today’s podcast episode we’re looking at ways in which you can tell if you’re holding yourself back because you’re afraid to succeed, and we go through an exercise to help you overcome this fear and get yourself back on track, so just click on the play button below to listen in!


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