Dealing with Disapproval

When you start making positive changes in your life it’s exciting and scary all at once. You’re proud of your accomplishments and a little overwhelmed by all that’s happening. And while it would be nice if everyone around you was as excited about your new direction as you are, this is unfortunately not always the case. Sometimes, the people around you can be less than supportive about the “new you” and dealing with disapproval from all of those people, some of whom are likely quite close to you, on top of all that you’re dealing with can really affect your stress levels and your ability to keep making the changes you want to see in your life.

The most important thing to remember when faced with this kind of hostility is that these reactions really have nothing to do with you, what you’re achieving or what you’re becoming. These reactions have everything to do with the other people’s own desperate attempts to cling to the familiar. I’ve mentioned before that human beings are prone to something called “negativity bias”, wherein we focus more on the bad things that happen (and ignore the good) because the bad things could be dangerous and therefore require more attention. And this negativity bias really comes into play when someone who is a part of your life starts to change – it’s often interpreted as a danger signal because people tend to fear the unknown. You used to be predictable, and now you’re not… and it causes a lot of discomfort to have to adapt to that.

In today’s podcast episode, I go over three techniques that you can use to help you maintain your composure when dealing with disapproval from others. Just click on the play button below to listen in!


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