How to Consciously Create Your Year - Pinterest pinHappy New Year everyone! Welcome back and welcome to a brand-new season of the Vibe Shifting Show! Today we are talking about expectations and how to consciously create your year, and by extension, the kind of world that you most want.


The Inside Creates the Outside

If you’ve been with me for while (I can’t believe we’re heading into season 4 of this podcast… that’s crazy!). If you’ve been with me for a while, you know we talk a lot about Law of Attraction and the whole concept of your outer reality being a reflection of your inner reality.

Essentially, what you experience of the world around you is directly affected by what’s happening within you. Your beliefs affect your thoughts, which affect your expectations, which affect your actions, and which also affect how you are able to perceive and interpret the events and experiences of your life. What you believe becomes your reality.

Moulding Creative Energies

Which brings us back to today’s topic: we’re at the start of a brand-new year, and with that there is always a surge and a swirl of energy. That energy is going to affect what happens for you over the coming year, so it’s in your best interests to focus yourself on moulding that energy in a way that will be beneficial for you.

So how do we do that?

We focus on what we want the year to be like. Focus on what you want, rather than what you don’t want. Think about all the things that you want to do, have, experience and become over the next twelve months. And think about all the things you want the people you care about most to do, have, experience, or become. And then get organized with it all.

5 Steps to Consciously Create Your Year

Now to help you with all of that, I have a five step process to help create your year with deliberation and intent…

Step 1: Pick your mantra for the year.

To get started with consciously designing my year, I always like to pick a central mantra or theme – usually just a simple phrase that sums up what I want the year to be. Now, I’ve talked about mantras before, and the dictionary defines a mantra as “a mystical formula of invocation or incantation”, which love because it makes me think of all things magical and powerful. It was J.K. Rowling, in one of the Harry Potter books, who told us that “words are our most inexhaustible source of magic”, and we need to take care with how we use our words. Words are powerful things; in and of themselves they can inflict pain or they can heal.

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When we choose a mantra for ourselves, as our theme for the year, we are harnessing the power of words to help us design and consciously create that which we most want. So put some thought to this. Pick something good – something that will inspire and uplift you, and keep you focused on your dreams and goals throughout the year. Because, you know, life happens and we can very easily lose our focus as “stuff” happens over the year. Your mantra is your magic spell that will bring you back to your centre and refocus your creative powers.

Step 2: Diagram Your Goals.

Now, to kick-start your conscious creation process, diagram this out. Get a blank page and draw a circle in the middle of it. Inside that circle, write down your mantra.

If you could design the perfect year, what would it look like? Think about all the different aspects that make up your life: health, finances, creativity, work, relationships, education. Think about all these different aspects of your life and about what you’d like to see happen in each one of them over the coming year.

On your diagram, add a bunch of circles around your central circle – one additional circle for each life area – and inside each of those smaller circles, write down your main goals or focuses for that particular life area.

Feel free to adjust your mantra as you work with your life area goals… you want this theme to tie everything you want to accomplish this year together… you want it to be a unifying, central focus for all areas of your life, and you want it to feel right. You want it to inspire and motivate you! So if, as you do this work, you feel you want to change your mantra, then go ahead and do that.

Step 3: Create Your Overview.

Once you’ve got a good idea of what you want to do, have, accomplish and become in each of your life areas, and once you understand how they all tie into your main mantra or theme, the next step is to create a bird’s eye overview of your year. This is just a year-at-a-glance page where you can chart out how you’re going to fit all of these life area goals into your year. It will help to keep you organized and on track as the year progresses because you’ll easily be able to see where you’re at with respect to where you wanted to be. This can be a great motivational tool for keeping your momentum going!

Step 4: Organize Your Time.

The fourth step is to take everything you’ve done in the previous steps and fit it into your days and weeks. You know what you want to accomplish this year and with each month of the year. You have four weeks in each month, so break those monthly goals down. What are your priorities for each week of the month? And how will you break those priorities down into manageable goals over the available days in the week?

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If you’re building dreams while also working a full time job, then this step is going to be especially important. You know what your time constraints are, so you’re going to have to be organized with whatever time you do have in order to achieve all that you want to. Remember that even just 30 minutes a day dedicated to your dreams adds up to over 15 hours of dream-building time per month, or 182 hours in a year. Little things add up to big things over time if you do them consistently!

Step 5: Strengthen Your Dream.

Finally, in step 5, I want you to dedicate some time to strengthening your dreams. Remember that what we focus on grows in power, whether it’s positive or negative. So give yourself permission to focus on all the positive aspects of your dream and what you want to build. Take a few minutes every day this year to journal or draw out your dreams. Allow your focus on the best that could be help you to create that reality.

A New Year’s Gift for You

Now, if all of this sounds confusing or like a lot of work, never fear – I have created a fabulous freebie download package for you with easy-fill-in-the blank templates and organizers to help you work through all these exercises. You can grab it on my website at

So before we end this today, I’ll just recap those steps for you:

  • Step 1: Pick your mantra for the year; your magic phrase or central theme for all you want to accomplish this year
  • Step 2: Diagram Your Goals; create your circle drawing with all your life area goals for the year;
  • Step 3: Create Your Overview; make your birds’ eye, year-at-a-glance, month-by-month organizer for the year;
  • Step 4: Organize Your Time; break those bigger monthly goals down into manageable weekly and daily tasks and priorities; and finally,
  • Step 5: Strengthen Your Dream; give yourself the gift of even just a few minutes every day to add power to your dreams by journaling or drawing them out and really getting yourself connected to what you want to create.

And again, I’ve got a free, downloadable package that will make all of these steps easier, and you can get that package at

Here’s to a magical New Year for all; may every joy and blessing be with you and your loved ones this year, and may this be the year that you fully realize your own power to make all your dreams come true.

photo credit: (c) canstock (modified by me)

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