Are Your Fears Really Yours?If you’re like most people you have a lot of fears; some of them conscious, many of them subconscious. We all do, and that’s just part and parcel of being human. But the funny thing about fears is that so many of the ones that have the biggest impact on how we live our lives aren’t really our own; they’re fears we’ve picked up from our associations with other people. And most of those second-hand, or secondary, fears find their roots in the situations in which we grew up – we picked them up as children, from our parents and our families.

In terms of the kind of stuff I deal with most often with readers and listeners, the most common of these secondary fears tend to revolve around money, career choices, and relationships. In today’s podcast episode, we’re going to take a closer look at the first two: how the beliefs your family had around the topics of money and “safe” career options are affecting the way you live your life today. Are your fears really yours, or do you have negative beliefs about wealth that you’ve picked up from someone else? And, furthermore, are these beliefs causing you to think and act in ways that are detrimental to your own ability to create the kind of life you want? Likewise, if you have children of your own, what kind of beliefs are you imparting to them, and how are those beliefs likely affect their own life paths?

One of the greatest opportunities for personal growth that we have comes when we realize how much of our own “baggage” was never ours to begin with. In learning this, we can finally let it go and start moving forward along the path we truly want to be travelling in life.


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