Grid Work and Alignment

Today we’re talking about energy work and getting yourself into vibrational alignment with what it is that you want in life. And we’re going to go through an awesome technique that really helps to get all your vibrational ducks lined up nicely — the Abraham-Hicks idea of grid work.

Why grid work?

Grid work is a really easy and fun way for shifting your vibe into that all-important “feel-good” place; it’s a means of getting your mindset and emotions focused on and aligned with what it is that you really want. Remember that it’s not what you say you want or what you think you want that is the determining factor in what you manifest in your life, it’s the feeling and the meaning behind those things, instead. The grid is a quick and easy way of clarifying those underlying emotions and meanings so that you are consciously aware of what is really important about what you’re trying to create. It helps you to really understand the what and the why of things, without getting tangled up in the messy how (which isn’t your business anyway – leave that part up to the Universe!)

How to do grid work.

So how does it work? My suggestion is that you find a nice quiet place where you can sit or lie down comfortably and not be interrupted for a few minutes. Focus on what you’re trying manifest. As an example, let’s say you want a new, awesome relationship in your life – you’re trying to manifest “the one”. So focus on that. And think about what having that relationship in your life would feel like. (Do NOT start focusing on a specific individual! Focus solely on the feelings surrounding the relationship itself.) And then just let it build – let one feeling lead to another and focus on each one as it floats to the surface of your mind:

  • It feels easy; like it’s supposed to happen.
  • It feels natural; like it’s meant to be.
  • It feels safe. It feels like safety.
  • It feels like sunshine. Like Light itself.
  • It feels playful. It feels open. It feels like trust.
  • It feels passionate! It feels exciting!
  • It feels fun! It feels joyful and free!
  • It feels like exhilaration! It feels like bubbling laughter!
  • It feels like home. It feels like belonging.
  • It feels like hope. It feels like love.

For some, it helps to imagine a grid, network or basic structural diagram (like a simple line drawing of the outside shapes of a house, for instance), and as each feeling comes to mind it fills in a grid square, a network node, or a connection point on the structure. But if that doesn’t work for you, you don’t even need to get that detailed. What’s important about grid work is to focus on the feelings that lie at the heart of what you want and to just let one lead to the next. Let those feelings flow for about a minute and a half – that’s all it takes to shift your energy and your alignment.

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