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I’ve got a fantastic guest post for you today from the very amazing Kathy Pfeiffer of Beauty Valued. Kathy is a color and style analyst who helps her clients get dressed to manifest by using their best colors and styles to access their personal power. When we feel great about what we’re wearing and how we look, it ramps up our self-confidence and increases our vibrational energy level. Add the power of colours to that, and you’ve got a potent mix for unleashing your best dream-building mojo! Take it away, Kathy…

Did you know that what you wear can elevate your vibrational energy? Yes, indeed!  What you wear can help you turn your dreams into reality by bringing you into your place of power. Your wardrobe is actually a DAILY source of renewal and support, and an aid to manifesting your dreams. You should tap into that, right?

Whether you love fashion or hate it, the connection between you and your clothing matters. You want to be in alignment.  The colors you wear matter, and so do the styles.  Visually, we see color first.

First impressions matter

Imagine a person walking into a meeting with potential investors. It’s a big day. There is a lot at stake.  Is wearing a bright shirt going to suggest real confidence…or an act of bravado?  Would this bright shirt suggest a dynamic character or give the impression of a someone who wants to be more exciting than they actually are?

The answer is that it depends – partly on the person’s body language and temperament, but largely on their actual coloring (and by this I mean the colors of their skin, hair, blush and eyes).  Replay that scene in your head. Does a bright shirt walk into the room or a person looking great?  Because that same shirt is a winner on some and a disaster on others.

What’s important is that you don’t want any part of you to appear so bright that it enters the room first.  Because then you enter the room in an odd, piecemeal fashion (shirt, hair, shoes, trousers, face) which is an incredibly disjointed way to make an introduction!  Instead you want to the colors you wear to be so connected to you that your gestalt shines forth!  You enter all at once: a compelling vision of  powerful and authenticity!

Are your colors an enhancement or a distraction?

Colors that are at odds with an individual don’t just cause momentary initial discord on first viewing, but may remain an ongoing distraction.  Have you ever talked to a woman wearing lipstick that was such a bad color for her your brain glommed on to her lips moving rather than what she was saying?  Poor color choices can warp, dilute, confuse and in some cases actually annihilate a person’s message! The right colors will help you to be heard.  They’ll strengthen your communication.

But it’s not just about how others hear and respond to you, though that is important for bringing opportunities your way. Wearing your best colors is also going to make YOU feel fabulous and who doesn’t love that?  These colors will feel familiar, nurturing and energy-boosting.  Looking in a mirror, you’ll see that you’ve never looked more radiant, captivating and magnetic.  In your best colors, energy pours through you.  In the wrong colors, energy is repelled or flows around you. Our best colors connect us, visually and energetically, to all others and to the universe.

How to find your best colors

How do you identify your best colors?  Some you probably know already. You get complimented on them by various people. When I see clients, I’m looking for the colors I test to look and feel magnificent.  On one person, a soft blue gray might look dreary and washed out.  On another, it might look seductively sophisticated.  Hot pink can look fun and charismatic on one person and cheap and garish on another. You want the colors to look fabulous on you and then you will look fabulous in them. Your best colors function as collaborators and a support system.

To explore your best colors on your own, buy a large book of paint samples. Go through hue by hue.  Sit in front of a mirror in daylight, makeup to a minimum.  Hold two similar strips under your chin and compare them in the mirror.  Which strip is more flattering next to you?  Keep comparing, eliminating any that are terrible first.  Work your way back to the best colors!  Not everyone is going to have colors of every hue among their best colors.  If no oranges or yellows (even reds and pinks) look good on you, then by all means omit them.

Bear in mind that if your hair is dyed and the color doesn’t suit you this will be a much harder project.  If you don’t feel your eye’s up to the challenge ask a friend or two to help, or find a professional custom color analyst.  Find an analyst who takes into account your hair, skin, blush and eye colors and who creates a palette unique to you rather than selecting a pre-made option. Ideally, find someone who uses real fabric samples.

Working with your best colors

Once you know your best colors, explore how you wear them best.  Generally, the more variety in color you have in your own body (for example, red hair and green eyes as oppose to brown hair and brown eyes) the more you can mix hues, particularly in prints, in an outfit.  Then consider the occasion. The dress you choose to wear to give a corporate presentation will likely more dramatic than the dress you wear to host a friend’s baby shower. But in both cases, assuming the colors are among your best, the dresses resonate with and amplify your energy.

Incorporating your partner’s colors

If you’re working in tandem with another, sharing space, then you want to choose colors that benefit you both. They might not be your personal best colors, but they are your best team colors. They allow the universe to serve the two of you united. For example,  two professionals hosting a webinar, or a couple getting married can find their best shared colors as before but with both people participating and the strips of colors held between them.

For a webinar set up, a bouquet or throw cushions could be purchased in these colors. For a couple’s home, these colors would be great for paint or home furnishings, and at at a wedding incorporated into the groom’s tie or buttonhole and the bride’s bouquet. Not every color worn needs to be amazing, but you want to always avoid your worst colors.

The energy that a client radiates when they have their best colors before them is such an exhilarating experience that color will always be my first love. But I show my clients their best styles too, because we’re here in human form and to look our absolute best we need to honor our physicality too.  Color and style are like two dancers sharing a stage. Each outfit we wear is a dance. Sometimes one dancer performs more than the other, each offering its own contribution to the whole.  A beautifully choreographed outfit is a joyful expression of inner and outer awareness.

Color connects you to all that is around you.  Style defines you and grounds you.  Tap into your wardrobe.  Get dressed to manifest.

Kathy Pfeiffer - bio pictureBio:

Kathy Pfeiffer of Beauty Valued is a homeopath turned color and style analyst. She works in person and online (in painstakingly, perfectionist ways using many, many photographs). She’s is based in San Francisco, California and sees clients in London, England, in June/July. The portion of her personal color palette that relates most directly to her body colors (blush, skin, eyes, hair) is shown at left. You can find Kathy and photos of her radiant clients here and here.


 photo credit: (c) Can Stock Photo (modified by me)

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