How to use parallel realities in creating success in your lifeIn today’s podcast episode, part two of my interview with Success Mentor Joanna Hennon, we’re talking about creating success in our lives using parallel realities, and Joanna shares the spooky personal example of a sudden shift in her physical reality that first got her interested in this whole topic area.

If you missed part one of my interview with Joanna last week, we discussed the nature of parallel realities and how we are all shifting in and out of different realities, all the time. You can catch that episode right here.

This Expert Series Guest Interview Has Two Parts:
1802 Parallel Realities in Your Real Life
1803 Creating Success with Parallel Realities


Transcript: Creating Success with Parallel Realities

Joanna: Yeah. So you’re not going to explain something based on something you saw on a TV show or whatever. But, and I can tell you I completely, completely understand that, and I will tell you that I would not be teaching this stuff if I hadn’t experienced it myself. So I have experienced the phenomenon of shifting.

Nathalie: Cool. Can you give us an example?

A Spooky Shift in Reality

Joanna: Yes I can give you THE example, which is what started this whole journey. I was in a… And it’s a very small thing, which just kind of shows you that all the realities are really, really similar as you said. For whatever reason. Whether that’s because the choices we’re making aren’t actually changing… they’re not always world changing choices.

But with what I experienced, I was writing a blog post. And I wrote it. And then, I can’t remember, something happened where I was kind of not present with it for a moment, and then when I looked back at it, a part of it was different. It’s not what I wrote. And I couldn’t quite remember what I wrote, but I remember being really, really, really sure that the words on the screen were not my words. And it was…

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Nathalie: Cool…

Joanna: It wasn’t actually cool! It was really, really…

Nathalie: It was a little disturbing?

When You Know That Something is “Wrong”

Joanna: Yeah. But I remember it really, really clearly because I consider myself a really good writer. And these words were not good writing. I just remember this really clearly. It was saying the same thing, but in a much less creative way. And I was like “No. I wrote this a lot better, and this is not my writing.

And it was a very, very disconcerting experience. And I really didn’t know what to do with it. And this was actually in an office that this happened. And I went to see someone in a neighboring room and I remember thinking I didn’t know what I would find, because I’d never heard about these parallel realities. I had no idea what was happening. Absolutely no idea.

And eventually I calmed down and then I looked again, it was still wrong. Looked again, it was still wrong. And then it was right. It changed back. And it was… I had this feeling kind of like energy being sucked into me.

Nathalie: That is really weird.

Reality Shifting vs Channeling

Joanna: Yeah, it was really weird. And it really felt like I was somewhere else. And then like all my energy was kind of being sucked back into me, and I was arriving in the present again. It was really, really weird and I completely understand how crazy I sound.

Nathalie: Now, I would have thought you’d have been used to stuff like that with the channeling stuff that you do. I could see that being totally disconcerting for, even somebody like me who knows the theory of this kind of stuff but has never actually experienced that kind of thing on that level, or somebody who has no experience with this whatsoever. But if you’re used to channeling, I would have thought that would have been… felt kind of the same.

Joanna: No, no. Because channeling is in my… It’s not in my head, but it goes through my head. It’s internal even though I suppose, in theory, it’s not. But it feels like it’s part of me, you know?

Nathalie: Oh, OK.

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A Change in Her Physical Reality

Joanna: But this was actual physical change in my physical environment. And on top of that, I felt really out of control about it, you know? I really felt… I remember being really, really angry with my guides at the time and saying “You can’t do that to me! You can’t pull me out of my reality and just stick me somewhere else to what, to show me something? To teach me a lesson? You can’t do that!”

And I remember them saying that they didn’t do anything to me. That was me. So, clearly, that was my soul-level choice to experience that. And it just… But for me it really felt confronting. Really scary. Because it meant they could just do anything to me. They could take me out of my nice life and stick me on another planet, for all I know.

Nathalie: But it wasn’t them.

Joanna: But it wasn’t that. It was me, you know? And I understand now. Having been teaching this for several years, I see where it led me.

Seeing Alternate Realities Without Stepping Into Them

Nathalie: Can you control it now? Can you consciously choose to do that now? Can you shift between these realities on your own?

Joanna: We all, apparently, shift all the time. So…

Nathalie: No, no, no. But consciously? With full control over it? And still know that’s what you’re doing?

Joanna: Yeah. I mean I can access them. I can see the realities. I can’t say that I can, in this second, go into the reality of super successful me and stay there. But I can access it. I can see it.

So I told my guides that we can’t have a situation like that again so… it’s not acceptable. So they can show me stuff like that in dreams. But we can’t have that in my waking reality. So that’s never happened again, I don’t want anything spooky.

Nathalie: Too scary.

Using Visualization to Access Other Realties

Joanna: Yeah. But what I do is, I use that idea as a visualization so that we can see the other reality and then consciously make our way there. So then it’s a conscious choice to live from the perspective of the person you want to become.

Nathalie: So instead of actually doing that full physical shift around you, you sort of take a step back and what do you do? Do you sort of imagine it on a screen or…? What would you suggest to people?

Joanna: I have several ways… Well, I suggest to people that they get my visualization which, maybe you can share the link later, Nathalie?

Nathalie: Sure.

Joanna: Yeah. ‘Cause that’s really… I find that that’s really the best way is to actually let yourself go through the process. And the workshop itself, it’ll give you some kind of background information about what’s happening.

Quote about finding the secret of success within yourself

Why You Wouldn’t Want to Jump Into a Parallel Reality

I do find that, whereas maybe it’s possible to just jump into a different reality or a different version of your reality, I’m not entirely convinced that that’s the best way to go about it.

Like the way I experienced that, it was a real shock. You know, it’s a very disconcerting feeling to be walking around in a world that seems to… You know it looks mostly the same, but something is wrong.

Nathalie: Yeah.

Joanna: And I don’t think that that’s actually conducive to creating more success or to having a nicer life, to be honest.

Nathalie: Because it would always sort of feel like something was off, and that would affect things going forward from that point, I would think, if you’re always feeling “Ok, what just happened? Something’s not quite right here…”

Joanna: Yeah.

It Would Always Feel Like Something Was “Off”

Nathalie: It’s like… was it Mike Dooley who said something about you wouldn’t want to make that kind of a big change, you wouldn’t want it to happen instantly because if you just woke up one morning next to, you know, your perfect mate, but having no memory of how you met or how you got there or… It would just totally freak you out.

Joanna: Yeah, or if you had the memory but something felt off, like you aren’t actually there or something… I think that would just be weird. Plus, I think there’s an element of… we fixate on the things that we want, you know. Like on having a successful business, or a certain amount of money, or a certain job, or a certain partner.

But what about all the other stuff that needs to change in order for those things to happen? And if we kind of just jump into that new reality, who knows what else has changed? Maybe you’re super-rich but you got divorced in the process and you’re not going to like that either, you know. Or, yeah…

I feel like it’s so complicated and so intricate, that it would be really naive to just start jumping around willy-nilly.

The Vibe Shifting Show Interviews Joanna Hennon - Part 2

Aligning With the Energy You Want

Nathalie: Yeah. So that takes us back to the concept of zooming out, and what I was talking about that fractal tree. Because if you can get that bird’s eye view and see all those branches, then maybe you can look at… You have more choice about which energy you want to align yourself with.

Joanna: Yeah, that’s it.

Nathalie: I think it’s more like drawing some of that energy that you want into your current reality and using it to make changes within your current reality, rather than trying to leap into a completely different one that just wouldn’t quite fit you.

It’s pulling the stuff that you want from those other realities and then using it to mold the current reality into something that works better for you, right? It’s that sort of…

It’s About Bridging the Gap

Joanna: Yeah, exactly. That’s really what I like to work with. And it’s really introducing those small changes.

The visualizations that I do, my intention is always that they show you exactly what you need to see, right now, to start bridging that gap between where you are and where you want to be.

So, sometimes you’re shown a certain behavior, sometimes you’re drawn to a certain thought pattern. Anything that you need to address now, focus on now, in order to start bridging that gap.

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The Changes You Need to Make Might Be Small

And this can be really, really small, you know? I can give you two examples. One is really, really small. One time when I was doing the visualization it became very clear to me that the super-successful version of me was having a proper lunch. Seriously! And I now know, I understand that when I’m in that frenzied space where I have to skip lunch, I am not on the right path. I am not bridging that gap.

So I really paid attention to the choices I make in my day to make sure that I have that space to eat. And I tell you it makes a huge difference. I mean, of course it would because you’re taking care of yourself, your basic needs, you know? But, before, I would regularly skip lunch because I was too busy. So this just showed me a different way.

Nathalie: Interesting.

Joanna’s Publishing Contract Example

Joanna: Yeah. And I have a bigger example that’s also really cool. A few… probably about seven or eight months ago, whenever I went into one of those visualizations I was shown the super-successful version of me writing.

And writing is something I’ve always wanted to do more of and I just never had the time. It takes time and it takes space it takes some energy. And so it just wasn’t part of my day, part of my process.

But whenever I went into the visualization she was always writing. And eventually, after many months, I thought “OK I’m going to join a writing circle.” And so I did that. And I made writing more of part of my channeling. So I did a lot of channeling by writing. I started blogging more and I just started to feel like a writer.

And this led me to having a conversation with a publisher who liked my idea for a book and I’m now writing a book!

Nathalie: Cool!

Joanna: So that’s really cool, right?

Nathalie: Yeah.

Joanna: That’s a really specific example of something that… I had no idea where this would lead me. She did not show me at a book signing, right? What I was shown was, she was sitting at a desk, writing. So, clearly, my next focus needed to be to just write. And that’s what I followed. And, you know, it led me to somewhere really cool.

Nathalie: That’s really neat.

Joanna: Yeah.

What if You’re Not a “Visual” Person?

Nathalie: So, do you have any suggestions for people who have trouble doing these visualizations? Because I know some people do them and it’s just sort of like “Okay, that was cool… now what?” They just… they just don’t feel

Joanna: I’ve had many people do these visualizations and they always see something. Now, I have some very strong intentions around the visualizations and they always… they don’t… “Visualization” is the wrong word anyway, right? Because not everybody is visual. So sometimes you see stuff, sometimes you feel stuff, sometimes you experience stuff. I often just feel. It’s not like a super-clear visual, what I get.

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Don’t Judge the Information You’re Given

Joanna: But people always experience something. And then sometimes they just decide that it’s wrong or they don’t want to look at it or it’s too boring a next step. And they judge it as something they don’t want to focus on. You know, like the lunch thing. If you want to create huge success and you’re told in a visualization that you should eat lunch, you’re going “Whaaat?”

Nathalie: I think for a lot of people the first thought would be “Okay, I must have done something wrong…”

Joanna: Yeah, exactly. And that’s why I say… I’ve never had a case that I’ve heard of from my visualisations where someone hadn’t experienced something.

I’ve seen several occasions of people experiencing stuff that, even when I helped them interpret it, they didn’t want to follow up on, consciously or subconsciously. But I think you’ll experience something, and then it’s up to you what to do with that.

Nathalie: So, paying attention to even the small things because sometimes the small things are what lead you to those bigger things that you’re after.

You May Just Get a “Feeling” – And That’s OK

Joanna: Yeah. And it could just be a feeling, you know? Like you might just feel happy in the visualization, and then instead of dismissing that as “oh I must have done it wrong”, say “OK, so that’s my next clue.” It’s like being a detective. That’s what I really love about this work, you know? It’s like following a trail of clues. So this is my next clue, this feeling of happiness. How can I add more of that into my day?

Nathalie: And I think that’s really important because, again, I think there are a lot of people who don’t SEE things, really, when they do these visualization exercises so they tend to dismiss them as “Okay, well that’s obviously not going to work for me.”

But if you feel something that can be just as powerful, if not more powerful, because it’s… When we talk about, specifically in this of Law of Attraction stuff, it’s less the visualization, it’s less what you’re seeing, than what you’re feeling. It’s the energy behind the emotion that has more power than the pictures you’re seeing in your mind.

Joanna: Yeah, for manifesting, for sure. And so we’re all different. So we’re all going to experience stuff in different ways. I was never a visual person myself, that’s gotten better the more visualizations I’ve done over the years, but still, even now, I more sense stuff than see stuff.

Nathalie: This has been really, really awesome Joanna! I’m really excited about this, and thank you so much for sharing this with us today.

Joanna: My pleasure. You know I could talk about stuff for hours!


Photograph of Joanna HennonAbout Today’s Guest Expert:

Joanna is a #SoulSmart Success Mentor. She helps people to easily create more success  by using the wisdom and power we all have access to at soul level. Living life from a place of soul power, in tune with your higher self and your Guides, and using the Law of Attraction with intention will literally change your life! To get started, get her free workshop on working with the Super Successful version of you.

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