Job Hunting with Law of Attraction

How can LOA help us when there’s something we really, really want? How can we get ourselves into alignment with something that we want, and perhaps even need, that badly? For example, when job hunting with Law of Attraction, how can we get ourselves into alignment with something that has such a strong element of fear associated with it?

Awesome Ann asks:

I am currently job searching and would like to ask you how to be in a vibrational match with ‘having’ a job rather than ‘wanting’ one? I have been applying and even going for interviews and trying my best to stay positive but I know that I am not in the exact vibration to get the particular job I want. Would love it if you could give me some useful tips.

So, when we talk about job hunting with Law of Attraction, there are actually two elements to this situation that we need to look at: 1) the real reason you want the job, and 2) your beliefs about getting the job.

What is it that you really want?

As with anything else that we want in life, it’s not about the thing itself, but rather it’s the feeling that we associate with having the thing. It’s not the job that’s the important thing here, it’s the feeling you associate with having that job. So the first thing to do is to figure out what it is, exactly, that having the job would mean to you. Is it security? Is it freedom? Is it fun? Figure out what that underlying feeling is and focus on that.

So if you realize that having a job would satisfy your need for security and freedom, the next step is to find ways to feel those things now, in any way that you can. You could go out and do things that generate those same feelings (e.g. if curling up on the couch with your cat, a cup of tea and a good book makes you feel cozy and secure, then make sure to take time to do that as often as possible; if sleeping in the buff makes you feel free rather than freezing, then go ahead and be free!). Find as many ways as you can to let yourself feel the same feelings right now that you think you would feel when you have the job.

What are your beliefs about the job?

Remember that your dominant energy pattern – what you send out into the Universe – is what comes back to you. So if you’re desperately looking for a job, that’s probably not helping. Desperate is an energy signature, and not a particularly helpful one as it’s just going to result in the Universe mirroring situations that cause you to feel desperation right back to you. Believe that you will find the perfect job at the perfect time.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I believe that I will find the perfect job for me?
  • Do I believe that I deserve to have the perfect job?

If the answer to these questions isn’t a resounding “hell yes!” then you need to focus on your vibe. If you doubt that you’ll get the job or you doubt that you deserve to get the job, then this is what you’re sending out and what will return to you.

Also to keep in mind with this one is to watch how you’re speaking; if you find yourself frequently talking about how bad the economy is or how hard it is to find a job, then this is an indication of limiting beliefs that you have that are likely affecting your alignment with finding that perfect job. Pay attention to your words for the next few days, and if you find yourself saying a lot of negative stuff like this, make it a point to stop, and then shift those thoughts around “I know the economy is improving; markets go down sometimes, but they always come back up again” or “I know I’m doing a great job finding my perfect job, and I know that I will find it soon”.

Above all, remember that you absolutely completely deserve to have the perfect job for you, and you will find it!

Strategies for job hunting with Law of Attraction

So, once you’ve figured out your why behind wanting the job, and you’ve worked on any limiting beliefs you might have, the next step is to work out a strategy for keeping yourself aligned with your goal of getting that awesome job. Here are three strategies that you can use to help:

1. Picture yourself in the job. Create a vision board of what it would be like to actually be working in the job. Add pictures of the company logo, the outfits you would be wearing, decorations that you’re going to put in your workspace, the bag you’re going to carry your lunch in (or the restaurants you’re going to eat at). Add anything and everything that helps you to feel like you’re already doing that job. Also, take five minutes a day to visualize yourself in the job you want — really see and feel yourself in that job doing all the things you would be doing.

2. Act as if you already have the job. Go shopping for work outfits. You don’t have to actually buy anything yet if you really don’t have the money, but go try things on. Go check out the area around the building you’re going to be working in; get familiar with it and figure out where the best place for coffee or lunch is. Create a Pinterest board for all the things you’re going to buy with the money you’ll be making. With everything you do, ask yourself how a woman who was in this job would do it (e.g. How would a woman doing this job get her hair cut? How would a woman who had this job drive this car? How would she answer the phone? What would she order for dinner? How would she fold this laundry?) Make a game out of it – it’s a really fun way to get yourself thinking and acting as if you already had the job, without spending a lot of money!

3. Express your gratitude for getting the job. Remember, you’re working on putting out the vibe that this is a done deal, so be sure to thank the Universe for this wonderful job that you now have. Really feel it. By putting that energy of gratitude out there, the Universe mirrors back more things for you to be grateful for!

If you’re new to all of this, it might take a little while to get yourself into the swing of things. Don’t give up. If you find yourself slipping into negative thought habits once in a while, that’s OK — just be gentle with yourself. Take the time to refocus and get back on track and your energy and alignment will start to shift. It gets easier with practice. And before you know it, you’ll be in that fabulous new job of yours, all thanks to your awesome job hunting with Law of Attraction skills and savvy!

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