I recently had an experience that made me realize the importance of keeping your tank full when it comes to your dreams and goals. What happened is that someone said something to me that really made me feel like they thought my goals were ridiculous and just not good enough. The whole interaction left me shaken, and it really upset me for a bit. But I managed to get myself back on track and back to my sunny self fairly quickly. Which is a great thing — but it wasn’t always like that; there was a time in my life when something like that would have rocked me to such an extent that I would have started questioning the validity of my own dreams, questioning the worthiness of my own goals, and, by extension, questioning my own self-worth. I would have been upset and miserable for days, if not weeks, and there would have still been lingering doubts undermining my ability to succeed long after the incident was over.

And it made me wonder what I’m doing differently now? What am I doing now that allows me to let go of things like this? What methods and techniques do I have that keep my tank full enough to shrug off the occasional unpleasant negativity that others may direct my way? And I realized that I have a number of little things that I do on a regular basis that really do help to keep my self-confidence high and provide me with that much needed buffer zone between my most cherished dreams and the outside world. These are quick and easy little tricks that, working together, have a big impact on my self-esteem and ability to keep focused. Check out the video above to get the details and you can start using these tricks to help you with keeping your tank full, too!

photo credit: Empty by Kristel Rae Barton cc

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