Rekindling  Your Determination to SucceedAt some point along the path to creating a dream, every single one of us will reach a point where we’re ready to give it all up and call it quits. It happens. But the only way to guarantee that your dream will never become reality is to stop working towards it. Today we’re going to go over seven strategies designed to get you through this despair and help you to rekindle your determination to succeed.


When you get lost along the way to a dream, it’s often because of a maladaptive perspective that tells you that you’re not making any progress at all, when it fact you are making progress, and have been all along. It’s the result of lack of tools and tracking methods that allow you to see all that you have accomplished and all that you have become in the process of the journey. People often become so stuck on details, they get so focused on racing through the steps that they forget the big picture – they don’t even know what they’re working for anymore or why it was so important to them in the first place. Reconnecting with your why is critical to helping you overcome this kind of overwhelm.

Dreams sometimes take time to build, and sometimes the road you’re walking can be bumpy and unsure. Sometimes you get knocked down and sometimes you get bruised along the way. But if that dream really means something to you, then don’t quit. Pull yourself to your feet, dust yourself off and keep going, one more time.

Fall down seven times. Stand up eight. ~Japanese proverb

Above all, never give up on something that means everything to you.

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