5 Manifesting Rituals for An Awesome New Year

I’ve got a fantastic guest post today to help you with creating an awesome year. This post comes from the lovely Milica Vladova, author of Toxin-Free Homemade Easy Beauty Recipes, who is sharing five manifesting rituals from her homeland in the Balkans.

These powerful techniques have been passed down through the ages (some are believed to have originated with the ancient Thracians) and are used to help us channel the energy of the New Year to help manifest our desires into reality…


5 New Year’s Manifesting Rituals

Ah, New Year – the perfect time to start fresh, to make new resolutions, new promises, new commitments! Every New Year gives a chance to change for the better, to finally lose these extra pounds, to travel to exotic places, or to simply find happiness again.

But the sad truth is that less than 8% of the population actually fulfills their resolutions. So, let’s change this number and increase our chances with the help of these sacred ancient New Year rituals!

#1. Burn down your desire!

The first ritual in our list is very simple, but powerful. The only thing you need to do is take a blank piece of paper, a pen, and a candle.

Write down your wish for the upcoming year. What do you really want to achieve or experience? Write down as many details as you can think of. There are no limitations in choosing your goal, but keep in mind that the more believable it is, the faster it will become a reality.

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When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, light the candle and burn the paper with your wish. Be extremely careful and use a metal container to avoid starting a fire!

As the paper burns down, take a moment to visualize your wish already fulfilled. Try to evoke strong positive emotions of happiness and joy!  Now scatter the ashes through the window and let them carry the message to the Universe!

#2. Ancient Greek ritual with bay leaves

The ancient Greeks and Romans valued the bay tree (Laurus nobilis) and considered it to have magical abilities. It symbolizes purity, immortality, dedication, and of course – victory. That is why heroes, poets and emperors in history often wore laurel wreaths.

Our ancestors believed bay leaves could bring us luck, prosperity, victory, and could grant wishes. Here is how you can a give a powerful magical boost to your desires and goals:

Take a bay leaf and a pen. Write down your wish on the leaf, and hold it between your palms for some time. Try to visualize your wish already manifested as vividly as possible.

Now burn the leaf on a candle or put it directly in the fireplace. You can also place a bay leaf in your wallet or purse and carry it with yourself wherever you go – it can bring you luck and protect you from troubles.

#3. The 12 grapes ritual 

This wish making ritual is very popular among Christians around the world (especially from Latin America). But I don’t think that one’s religious affiliation matters here. I know that the single intention is often the most important part of a successful manifestation.

The ritual is very simple. Take 12 grapes and keep them until New Year’s eve. Exactly at midnight start eating the grapes one by one. Take one grape for each stroke of the clock and as you eat it, make a wish.

Every wish is dedicated to one month of the upcoming year. But I think all twelve can be for the whole year, for example – better health, more happy moments, etc. We want good health and happiness throughout the year, don’t we!

You can think about your wishes beforehand so you don’t forget anything important!

#4. Make a wish with charged water

Thanks to the findings of Masaru Emoto, we know that water is not just an inanimate substance; it has a memory and can transmit our emotions and energy. But this fact is nothing new to the mystical lands of the Balkans.

We have a ritual called Voditsi (meaning “waters”), which has been known to help our wishes come true. It is usually conducted in the night between the 5th and the 6th January. It is believed that the skies “open” during that night and the charged water has the power to transmit our wishes to the Universe.

Either way, this ritual can be done on New Year ’s Eve as our intentions for change are stronger as the beginning of a new cycle. The ritual is rather simple – you will need a metal pot of clean water and a handkerchief (preferably white).

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When the night comes, take out the pot of water in the garden, porch, or balcony. Say your name out loud and speak out your desire. Then, take a minute in silence with the pot in your hands and visualize your dream come true. Next, leave the water outside, try to place it in a spot where it can clearly reflect the sky.

Then, at midnight, go outside again and repeat the same actions – say your desire out loud and visualize it already fulfilled. Now cover the pot with the handkerchief and leave the water outside for the whole night.

First thing in the morning, go to your charged water and clean your face and hands with it. You can drink from it, sprinkle it throughout your home, and water the flowers.

The omen says that if the water had frozen during the night, the wish will come true. (Obviously, the rule applies if you have done this ritual in the Northern hemisphere between the 5th and 6th January.)

#5. The power of runes

The runes are an ancient type of writing developed in the Scandinavian region. These sacred symbols have been used not only for communication, but for making special blessings and lucky charms. We can still use them for starting the New Year on the right foot with their magical power.

For this ritual you will need a white candle, a red pen, and a coin of your chosen denomination. The basic rule is that the bigger the value of the coin, the better, but you can work with whatever you have.

Draw a lucky rune on the white candle. One of the best ones you can use are WUNJO – for happiness, joy and peace, and FEHU – for abundance and prosperity.  Place the coin at the bottom of the candle, so that the wax can melt on top of it.

In the New Year’s Eve light the candle and let it melt completely on your penny. When the candle burns out completely, take the coin and carry it with yourself for the entire upcoming year and let your wishes come true!

Additional notes:

When making our wishes we set powerful intentions that affect not only us, but others as well. Sometimes our desires may have some negative results without our realization. So, it is best to always include a karma-free clause when writing, speaking, and visualizing our wishes. Here is a sample text you can include:

I accept these gifts or even something better from the Universe for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned. Thank you!”

Our individual intentions are very powerful, but if we join our forces with other people (friends, family), we can become unstoppable and cause a significant change in our physical experience. So, these rituals can be used in a group of likeminded people as well.

Do not limit yourself only to the New Year’s Eve. There are even more powerful dates and time periods we can send our intentions to the Universe. For example, during the New Moon (especially New Moon in Aries), the Solar eclipses, the Chinese New Year, etc.

Happy manifesting!

Headshot of Milica VladovaAbout the author:

My name is Milica and I am a blogger, writer, holistic living and personal development enthusiast. I am the author of Toxin-free Homemade Easy Beauty Recipes and The Healthy Detox and Strong Immunity Series. You can find me on: My Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest


A big thanks to Milica for sharing these rituals with us today — I can’t decide which one of these I want to try first! What about you? Which one of these manifesting rituals resonates with you most? Have you tried any of them before? Leave a comment below and let Milica and I know…


Photo credit: pixabay.com cc (modified by me)

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