Harnessing the Power of Synchronicity - pinToday we’re talking about harnessing the power of synchronicity to manifest awesome things in your life! One of the things I love most about playing with Law of Attraction and figuring out how it all works (and the more time I spend doing the kind of stuff I do, the more I realize it really is all about playing and having fun with things), the more I love the “personality” of it all.

I especially love the fact that when we just trust our instincts and follow our passions, the Universe seems to go out of its way to line up little surprises, coincidences and synchronicities for us. It’s almost as if the consciousness that underlies all things delights in hiding little gifts for us, as guideposts to let us know that we are definitely following the right path.

When we’re really aligned with what it is that we most want to manifest in our lives, things just seem to magically line up to make things happen for us. We’re in the right places at the right times, information, contacts, and resources just seem to find us when we most need them, and all the Universe seems to be bending over backwards to make it all work out for us, with seemingly little effort on our part. This is the power of synchronicity!

In today’s podcast episode, we’re going to go over a simple three-step process for harnessing this amazing power of “coincidence” and using it help us make massive progress towards our biggest dreams and goals. Curious? Just click the play button below to listen in…


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photo credit: pixabay.com cc (modified by me)

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