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Your dreams are never wrong. There. I’ve said it. It doesn’t matter what it is you want, or how different it is from your friends’ dreams or your family’s dreams. And it doesn’t matter how different your dreams are from what you think they SHOULD be.

Your dreams are in your heart for a reason, and you know what? They don’t have to be the same dreams that everyone else you know has.

And what a freakishly boring world it would be if all our dreams were alike. No one would ever think of anything new or do anything new. There would be no innovation, no sparks of creativity, no moving forward if we all wanted to do, be, and have the same things in life.

Celebrate the difference of your dreams! Accept that they are different than other people’s dreams — and be grateful for that, because it means that you’re going to experience adventures in your life that no one else will. Imagine what you’ll see and do with that kind of unique spark lighting your way.

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As the saying goes, if you want something different in life, then you have to DO something different. And having dreams that are different than everyone else’s a good first step.

So don’t try to squash your dreams to fit someone else’s small-minded belief about what’s possible for you. And, vice-versa, don’t try to inflate a dream that feels right to YOU in order to please someone else’s beliefs about you OUGHT to be striving for.

This is YOUR life. Which means YOU get to choose the dream that you will follow. And the ONLY requirement is that it feel right to YOU.

Now go forth and be your own brand of awesome, dammit.


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