5 Reasons to Give Yourself Permission to Succeed - Pinterest PinI hereby give you permission to succeed. I give you permission to want whatever it is that you want, and I give you permission to pour your heart and soul into making it happen. Why? Because so many people seem to think that they need permission in order to live their dreams. They seem to think that if their spouses or their coworkers or their neighbours or their grandmothers disapprove of their dreams, then they “shouldn’t” want them at all.

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Your dreams are there for a reason

But the thing about your dreams is that they are there for a reason. And just the fact that you want them is enough. You don’t need to prove yourself. You don’t owe anyone anything. And you sure as hell don’t need to pay any dues in order to be deserving of those dreams.

But if it makes you feel better, then you are hereby given permission.

Why you should stop waiting for approval

What would be more beneficial, however, is if you would just give yourself permission to dream; permission to create; and permission to succeed. And if you need convincing as to why you should, here are five reasons to give yourself that gift:

Reason #1. Big dreams inspire everyone.

When you succeed you unconsciously give others permission to succeed as well. Your success could be the catalyst that inspires people you care about to build their own dreams as well.

Reason #2: Your dream is your unique gift.

Your dream is unique to you. No one approaches it with the same perspective and combination of skills and experiences that you have, which means that nobody will ever create the same dream in the same way that you could. If you want to start a dance school, for example, it will be different – it will have a different feel and energy – than anyone else’s dance school. If you don’t succeed in building that dream, then the world, and on a bigger scale the grand tapestry of All That Is, will be missing out on an irreplaceable component of what could be.

Reason #3: Your success is just a stepping stone to other things.

The thing about dreams is that they evolve right along with us. The big dream that you have right now is only the tip of the iceberg; what you end up creating before you’re through here will be grander and more amazing than anything you can even begin to imagine right now. But unless you give yourself permission to get started, you’ll never see what comes next.

Reason #4: Your success could help someone else.

You never know who is watching you, or who you could be helping without even knowing about it. Every action that we take has ripple effects that extend far beyond our immediate selves. I got an email in the early days of this blog from someone who told me that something I had written was the reason she went and got help for herself when she had been planning to end her own life. That email touched me so profoundly, and made me realize just how much of an impact we can have in other people’s live without ever even realizing it. You never know whose lives you could touch with your dream.

Reason #5: Your children are watching.

This one is specifically for the parents out there. If you have children in your life, be assured that they are watching you. They watch everything, whether they comment on it or not. And they are patterning their own lives on what you do. If it were them in your shoes, what would you want them to do? Go after their dreams, or play it small? Act accordingly.

So there you have it: five reasons to give yourself permission to succeed. Are you convinced yet? Are you ready to let yourself go for it and start working towards your dreams? Can you think of any other reasons to give yourself permission to succeed in creating your biggest dreams? Share them in the comments section below!

photo credit: pixabay.com cc (modified by me)

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