How Important is Your Dream - Pinterest pinToday we are talking about commitment and what it really takes to be successful in achieving a goal. In other words, we’re asking the very important question: how important is your dream to you? And what are you willing to do in order to make it happen?


I’ve talked before about the difference between being committed to your dream versus just being interested in it, and it is something that I go over in the new book. And while it’s good to be interested in things, if you’ve got a big dream in your heart that you want turn into your actual reality, it takes a lot more than mere interest to make it happen. Interest might get you partial results, but only commitment will get you the real dream.

In today’s podcast we’re going over a real-life example of what that kind of determination to succeed really looks like. It’s easy to daydream about things, but the people who really want to make their dreams come true are the ones who prove it with their actions. They’re out there in the trenches doing what it takes to turn visions into real experiences.

It’s that determination to see it through; to get back on your feet and keep going no matter how many times you fall to the ground that is the key difference between a temporary setback and a long-term, dream-squashing failure. If something is really important to you, you just don’t give up until you have reached that goal…

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