podcast episode 1304 Letting Go of Perfectionism

Listen in for strategies on letting go of perfectionism!

Letting go of perfectionism is never an easy task. When you’re a perfectionist, it really is hard not to be hard on yourself. But being a perfectionist can take it’s toll on both your mental and physical health; perfectionism can cause you to be in a near constant state of stress when you feel like you never measure up. Stress, in turn, can lead to so many other physical problems, such as heart disease and stroke, so it really is important to find a way to deal with this personality trait effectively.

In this week’s Vibe Shifting Podcast episode, I talk about definitions: what being a perfectionist really means, and about the impact it can have in your life. I also talk about my own experiences with perfectionism and how it has affected areas of my own life.

But don’t worry — it’s not all doom and gloom! Because in this episode you’ll also get lots of great strategies and tips that you can use to help you with letting of perfectionism in your own life. And let me tell you, when you can finally learn to let go of the stress and emotional turmoil that comes from expecting perfection in everything you do, you will find that life just gets so much easier. Sound interesting? Just click the player link below to start listening!

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