How to Stop Being a Perfectionist - Pinterest pinToday we are talking about how to stop being a perfectionist, and I’ve got five strategies to help you out with just that and get you over the whole perfectionist thing.


Have you ever allowed your desire to do something perfectly, keep you from doing it at all? Shortly after joining Toastmasters two years ago, I had the worst perfectionism-induced, ego-bashing experience of my life. I had written an awesome second speech and practiced and polished it until it was absolutely perfect. On the day that I was to present it, I stood up in front of a room full of people and promptly forgot everything that I was going to say. It was horrible.

I finally managed to struggle my way through it and everyone was very nice in the evaluations, pointing out all the things that they liked about the speech, but I was devastated. The perfectionist in me was so focused on how badly I had screwed up on something that I had worked so hard on that I was completely unable to see anything good about my performance at all.

Perfectionists are people who strive for flawlessness in everything they do. They set exceedingly high performance standards for themselves and tend to be extremely critical when evaluating their own efforts and results.

The problem with perfectionism is that if you never feel like you measure up to your own standards, you’re constantly focused on negativity and always in a state of stress. Perfectionism can also lead to a habit of avoiding situations that could help you expand your skills and accomplish your goals, if the fear of failure overshadows the desire for growth.

After my disastrous speech I decided I had two choices: I could either slink away from the public speaking world with my cheeks burning and my head down, or I could pick myself up and try it again. I decided to take the second approach…

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