How to Eliminate ResistanceResistance, in Law of Attraction terms, refers to the subconscious thoughts and feelings that interfere with your ability to properly align yourself with your desires; it’s all that background auto-programming that prevents you from manifesting what you really want. So, learning how to eliminate resistance is obviously important for moving forward with your dreams and goals.

In today’s podcast episode we’re going to go through some strategies and techniques for helping you to really understand what resistance is, where it actually comes from, and what you can do get through it so that it no longer has the power to mess with your intentions. It starts with understanding that big changes don’t happen in isolation, and that trying to manifest something major in one area of your life is definitely going to have an impact in every other area of your life, too. Even if you haven’t consciously taken all those potential changes into consideration, your subconscious has.

And that’s the problem. Because when all those fears you have are hidden in the background, they tend to get built up into bigger and more powerful things than they really are – like the bogeyman in the closet. It’s terrifying to think what might be lurking in there, until the light gets turned on, and shined into all the nooks and crannies… and then you realize that there was nothing scary there in the first place. Resistance is like that; it’s an internal struggle based on hypothetical situations that may never even happen. And once you learn to identify what those half-formed fears really are, you can then banish them for good, just like those imaginary closet-monsters.


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