Silencing Your Negative Inner Voices

I’ve talked before about “little negatives” – the constant barrage of little negative thoughts and words that pepper our daily lives and colour the way we see the world around us. While they may be small things taken on their own, added together their power multiplies and casts shadows over every aspect of our lives. But one of the biggest problems of all with these little negatives is that they exponentially magnify the intensity of that inner critic – those negative inner voices – that we all have inside of us.

Why do we listen to those negative inner voices?

Have you ever stopped to really listen to the things you tell yourself? It’s shocking, really, the kinds of things we spew at ourselves within the confines of our own minds. We’d never talk that critically to anyone else, and if a friend or acquaintance of ours ever talked to us that way we’d be done with them like yesterday’s dinner.

So why is it that we just sit there and take it when we say such things to ourselves? Why are we so ready to listen to the angry, hateful, vindictive, negative voices within that tell us that we’re no good; that we’re useless; that what we’ve created isn’t good enough; that we’re bound to fail; that we’re fat; that we’re stupid; that we’re lazy?

How can you expect yourself to build your dream and create your vision when you’re listening to that kind of B.S. every day? How can you function at all when you’re constantly being told that you’re not good enough? It’s self-sabotage of the highest order. And it’s sneaky. Because most of time you’re not even aware that you’re doing it… it’s become so much of a habit that it’s just a part of the background noise of your life.

Bitter mental poison

So much bitter poison swirling around through the one place in the whole universe were we should feel the most safe and secure: our own thoughts. And it has an impact. You can’t have mental toxins like that washing over you day in and day out without suffering some kind of consequences. Fear. Anger. Depression. Anxiety. Despair.

You’re so mean When you talk about yourself You were wrong Change the voices in your head Make them like you instead So complicated, Look how we all make it. Filled with so much hatred Such a tired game. ~Pink, “Perfect”

As long as you continue listening to these negative inner voices, they will continue to call the shots in your life. They will continue to mess up your intentions and affect your ability to create the life and experiences you want for yourself. They will continue to hold you back from living your dream.

Changes the voices in your head

So maybe it’s time to change your story. Maybe it’s time to change those negative inner voices in your head. Maybe it’s time to make them like you, instead.

Whatever you’ve been through in life, it’s never OK to be mean or cruel to people. It’s never OK to deliberately try to inflict pain upon or cause harm to people. And that includes you; it’s time to stop being so mean to yourself.

You have something special to offer the world: your unique talent, your unique gift, your unique perspective. You have an exceptional, never-before-seen spark of magic to add to this world but as long as you continue to listen to those negative inner voices, you’re going to be unable to let that magic shine through in its full glory. You are uniquely, wonderfully, amazingly you, and you have something wonderful to offer the world. You just need to realize it and accept it… and, one by one, your inner critics will start to change their tune.

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